#10 – rosie m.

while i was on holiday in ireland, louise, a girl i work with suggested that a dating columnist for cosmopolitan magazine go for a burrito date

…and so rosie and i arranged to meet on tuesday evening… chilango had a surprise in store for us… they had laid on a ‘fancy’ table. despite being embarrassed by the special attention, it was cool to have mariachi playing during a date! a big thank you to the chilango crew from rosie and i! i’m glad this ‘special’ date was with rosie, as this was her first ever date (!) and one i’m sure she’ll remember 😉 .. we both had pork burritos with mild salsa and guacamole, corona to drink – rosie is a copy cat! for the record though, she is the first of the ten dates not to have finished her burrito!!

we continued from chilango to the camden head for drinks. rosie was very entertaining all evening, especially when she spoke at length on things like art: what is so special about damien hirst’s dots? or anthony gormley’s horse? they don’t even make them. (the horse turned out to be by mark wallinger!)

rosie has been working for cosmo for around four years now, and loves what she does. it was refreshing to speak to someone in her dream job. she has a memory when she was about 15, she of crying after reading cosmo because she didn’t understand the grown up stuff, and thought she never would! not only does she have her own column now, but she loves the magazine and all her colleagues and she even feels guilty because ‘people aren’t supposed to like their jobs’! it was interesting to hear about magazine life, and also rosie’s opinion that the magazine industry will thrive when ‘the whole new media stuff dies’!!!

me: what came first the chicken or the egg? rosie: well before that, someone came up with eggs benedict, then decided they needed eggs, so they produced a chicken to produce the eggs. rosie likes food. another passionate rant followed about her favourite foods. pizza, risotto and pa thai. she loves cooking, but finds pa thai the hardest thing in the world to cook. having tried it over ten times, spending a fortune on ingredients and it still tasting like crap, she concludes: ‘what’s the point? just go out and buy it’.

however, things aren’t all good in her personal life. her 8 year relationship ended in february, which she is still getting over. we had a good chat about it, and i think her attitude is great. it will be interesting to read her dating column over the next few months to see how she gets on.

vote for rossie!


9 responses to “#10 – rosie m.

  1. I like Rosie the best so far but think you both treated it more like fodder for your respective ‘columns’ than an actual datey date. I demand a recount, or y’know, a second date. You look really nice together. #VoteRosie!

  2. Oooh, I like this #VoteRosie stuff. Thanks! Admittedly, it probably will be written about in my column – but I thought a date with a fellow writer was the least scary way to have a first-ever date, which I was terrified of! This was a nice, gentle initiation – and I think we both took it as a bit of fun, and not just work (right, Richard…?)

    Oh, and P.S. It’s not new media I think will die, but a proportion of paper media, which will go digital-only. Except Cosmo, of course!

  3. fair comment – though i think that forcing anything is a no-no…I wish the best of luck to both of you in your fabulous dating worlds…


  5. Fitzy, please, please, please embrace the English language. It isn’t Finnegan’s Wake you’re writing here.

    More power to you etc.

    • cheers for the comment dex, i’m not charging anything for this blog and usually write it at 1am after the date so my main concern is to get the story across. you’ll find better english in dating columns in mags such as cosmo 😉

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  7. It doesn’t take much to press the shift key occasionally even at 1am.

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