#34 franca s.

burrito date 34

Franca and I have a lot in common. We both moved to London in January 2010. Both in our mid-twenties. Both have biggish families. Both have two sisters. Both lost a parent to cancer. Both work in the media ish. Both like burritos.

I had suggested a few shows we could go to, but nothing interested either of us and in the end we agreed to go for a drink in the Nags Head on Upper St. beforehand. I wasn’t immediately attracted to Franca, but if there is one thing I have learned, is that every girl is worth spending time to get to know, if even during one date.

Franca is from Toronto, and lives in Islington. She read about the blog on the Metro recently, and remembered that she had actually met Eric from Chilango on a night out recently. Like many of the burrito dates Franca is not originally from London, and the same adventurous personality trait that led her to this city has compelled her to try me and my blog out.

Her first job was with Goldman Sachs, and it wasn’t really for her. She was a PA for 26 analysists and they ‘didn’t even say good morning’. Her back ground is in multi-media and graphic design so she wanted to pursue a career in that. When she was offered a job with the BBC she snapped at it.

The date was moving at a fast pace, in the sense that a quick pint was followed by a brisk walk in the cold up upper st. to Chilango, where we both ate our burrito in about in about 10 minutes! We exchanged question after question about burritos, family, london, work etc. We had another drink there, but unfortunately the date wasn’t changing from ‘getting to know each other’ phase to ‘getting to like each other’ phase. We both did try, and I did enjoy her company. But when it was time to call it a night, we did just that.

This blog post is about 5 days late, excuses range from internet outage at home, busy at work, and lost Wifi password at Starbucks. But really, I was deciding what was the best way to tell you about an upcoming 52 burrito date adventure: Next weekend I am going on a ‘Pick Up Artist (PUA) training bootcamp in London. It’s basically the art of seduction, all the tricks detailed in Neill Strauss’s bestseller The Game. I’ve agreed to go on the bootcamp with the intention of picking up a girl to take on a burrito date and write about it.

This came about when an old school friend, who is now living in Australia, contacted me about the blog. He congratulated me on it and thought the idea was great, but he figured that I might need some help in the actual seduction department. He knew a few people; even people in London who might be able to give me some tutorship. He then sent a very persuasive email to The Gambler who agreed that the case of the 52 burrito date guy was an interesting assignment and decided to take me on. This might change the course of 52 burrtio dates!?

I realize that taking part in this bootcamp as part of 52 burrito dates is controversial and not completely in tune with the honest, up front nature of the blog. Also, the girls request the dates so why do I need to become a pick up artist? Another thing is that I have never read The Game, preferring to take the ‘girls will like me for who I am approach’. So why am I doing it?

  • There are people who are better than me at this that I can learn from
  • 52 burrito dates is not for ever and I will be in situations in the future where these skills will come in handy
  • I am not more confident talking with girls and going on dates, but I am still hopeless in nightclubs, bars and traditional pick-up places
  • I am sure to learn some communication skills that I can use not just for dating
  • 52 burrito dates hasn’t had any rules, and this is another case of going with the flow to see what happens

What do you think?


10 responses to “#34 franca s.

  1. Fitz you’re refreshingly open. Keep up the good work! P.S. It was Brenny that told you about the Game wasn’t it??

  2. Do it to do it, dude. You’ll be giving us all tips by like Date #44

  3. I’ve heard you can’t play the game if people know you’re playing the game… And I just lost cos I thought about the game.

  4. Forget the PUA bootcamp, just be sure you have a horse outside for the next date!

  5. Richard, tell us if you are really taking these 52 dates seriously. Because really, 34 dates so far with girls that seem good enough (with the exception of maybe 5..)
    In my honest opnion, you are just too fussy and maybe just not a good dater.

  6. I think it sounds like yet another good experiment really. Go for it – what have you got to lose!

    Um, do you know if they do a similar thing for ladies …………

  7. How come you think it’s ok to post a pic of someone and
    then say you weren’t attracted to them? Seems like a dick move to
    me. And I don’t see a pic of you, just a cartoon that looks like
    Alexander Ovechkin. The game is for losers. PUAs are all a bunch of
    insecure nerds who can’t accept themselves for who they are and
    could never find the courage to talk to girls without creating some
    kind of douche bag persona (I’ve met a few). You actually seem like
    a decent guy, so I doubt that a PUA boot camp would be for you.
    Good luck man, don’t forget to peacock

  8. The whole idea of pick-up training strongly turned me off. But when a friend got really into the scene and became and coach I just had to read his blog and see for myself.

    Where this can all go really wrong is when guys take classes to pretend to be something they’re not so they can bed down girls to put notches on a belt. This became such a problem in Williamsburg, Brooklyn a few years back when many girls started shutting down guys quickly because they recognized the tricks and manipulation because so many guys were literally using the same playbook.

    But I do strongly agree with the training on at least on point. It teaches you to confidently approach and present yourself to strangers. Being comfortable in your own skin is a skill that can be applied to all situations not just dating. All the studies I’ve heard about state people decide within a few minutes if they are romantically attracted to you or not. Wouldn’t it be cool to get over that natural fight-or-flight response and initial awkwardness and skip to just being yourself? I think that would be the best take away from the training and I can’t see a girl slighting you for this.

  9. You’ve got great insights about pua training, keep up the good work!

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