Vote Results: Part One!

Vote results for the first 26 dates

After 26 dates, the girl with the most votes had a choice of the following prizes and choose 10 free burrito meal vochers. From a total of 718 votes, the winner was Nizza, Burrito Date number 19, with 234 votes. She choose the prise of 10 free meals, and then anounced that she would use them to go on her own dates, or even another with me. I don’t think that would be a good idea though.


14 responses to “Vote Results: Part One!

  1. Has to be Halley C – that rap was worthy on its own!

  2. Rosie all the way. This is all. She is worthy of unlimited burritos. Or at least the amount specified in the prize.

  3. Halley C has my vote as well

  4. Nizza all the way….She’s devlish…

  5. Go Nizza!

  6. Who cares….what a pointless load of nonsense!


  8. Fomer loyal reader

    You should be a bit more diplomatic as some people might read it the wrong way. I was offended on behalf of Nizza when I read this.

  9. Damn it, I was sure the Halley C would win! She would have won 52burritodates Ireland! 🙂

  10. Fitz take me to Ireland..! Burrito date/rap tour??

  11. Yeah Fitz, bring her and I’ll sort out the venues! Defo a Market here lol

  12. Whatevs fitz, we’ll see what you say after i kill it on thursday… this rap is on fire

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