#9 – halley c.

burrito date number nine was so much fun. we met under the lions in trafalgar square and unanimously decided once there, that we had to eat the burritos while sitting on top of the lions. it really was a brilliant place for a date. next time you’re there, check them out, not easy to get up on! will be hard to beat.

halley (pronounced like halley berry) is from iowa in the usa, or a small town of 500 people near there. she used to do high jump in school, i asked her would she like to win a high jump gold medal in the olympics or be a princess. ‘highjump definitely, cuz it’s earned, and princess just gets given to you’. she has two degrees (management & marketing), and is doing two masters over here (media and something else), while also working part time in a finance firm. she has been here two years, and counts them as the most fortunate years of her life., something to do with a lucky red wrist band. she says her mum was a proper hippy. and halley has a tattoo on her wrist that says ‘peace’.

you can see from the photos that she is a really hot. and because of that, i didn’t expect us to get along, i don’t know why –  typecasting? previous experiences? whatever. anyway i was wrong. she even wrote a rap just for this date…

a bus tour of london seemed like a good idea for a date for two foreigners. but the ghost bus tour looked like more fun. it turned out to be funnyish. there were actors on the bus telling ghost stories as we drove around london. halley jumped with fright at least 3 times. even though she had written down a list of how to protect herself from ghosts before hand 🙂

by the time the tour was over, although the date was almost 3 hours, we definitely didn’t want to end it then. we went to gordon’s wine bar, a famously old dungeon like bar, i think i really liked it and would go back, but it may have been the company. we fired testing questions at each other, i asked her was she racist, it threw her, and she explained compassionately her views, she isn’t. she asked me was i a conformer. i told her that i am completely individualist in my approach to everything, but after much schooling, that i do go along with how i am expected to behave.

halley took this date seriously. it wasn’t just part of a blog, or a free burrito. some have different attitudes, some think that dates are a waste of time. halley and i definitely would not have gone on a date without the blog, so we would never have got on like we did. and so, 9 dates in my confidence it the 52 burrito dates has been reassured.

what next? halley is friends with burrito date #2, louise, and we’ll meet up again soon.

vote for halley!


6 responses to “#9 – halley c.

  1. Ah she’s my favourite so far!

  2. Did she write those rap lyrics before or after writing down a list of how to protect herself from the ghosts?

    but yes, gets my vote… so far!


  3. She’s adorable! and she has a GREAT personality! Halley definitely has my vote!! 🙂

  4. Wrote a quick rap for Chilango about how to avoid ghosts….

    My boy at Chilango wanna be a ghost-bustah
    Gotta cold room you know to not trust-ah
    Flickering lights with no luminescent lust-ah
    Get outta there with no haste and no flust-ah

    Burrito ghosts they are no joke
    Scarin’ ya from here to the LA coast
    Scaring tactics they like to boast
    Swipe the burrito y’all want the most

    Che-che-check my game
    Did my research don’t want no fame
    Savin’ all ya’ll cause ghosts are lame
    Burrito ghost smashin with my Chilango gang

    H Weezy… OUT


  5. Wow.. Halley is Stunning!

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