#52 – Sarah F.

burrito date 52

This final date was all about closure for me. And I apologise to my date for that. Former Irish footballer Tony Cascarino was once asked whether scoring a goal was a better feeling than sex. He replied that the feeling was more like masturbation than sex, it’s more relief than pleasure. And that’s exactly how I felt.

To be fair to Sarah, she was a perfect final date. She probably has more dating experience than I do. She is a freelance writer based in Hertfordshire, and writes for newspapers and monthly magazines mostly, and has become a dating expert through her writing. Her dating blog, Loves of a London Girl is part of this. So I had met my match!

We went for a drink in the Cittie of York pub just off Chancery Lane. It was a typical first date greeting, same old chat. We quickly moved on to what we have learned about dating. The best thing, and the tip that is a cliche, be yourself. She told of her worst date being with a guy who was a good few years younger than her, who insulted her all evening thinking he was flirting. Then at the end of the evening, he appeared surprised that she didn’t want to meet him again. I can empathise with that, I used to be one of those guys who thought that insulting was flirting. At least I learned something.

The focal point of the date was the VIP party for the launch of the 5th Chilango restaurant on 76 Chancery lane. It was packed. We squeezed into the smart new interior, designed with a Mexican Street style to it, and grabbed a couple of Coronas and burritos. I’ve mentioned it numerous times before, but the food never fails to disappoint. A new place, same great burritos. A cheap compliment you might think, but I mean it.

A year ago when I met these guys, they were dipping their toes into social media, and they really have got the hang of it now. The gave out free burritos the next day, and the word spread so fast that they were trending on Twitter. There were 1 ½ hr queues all day. Chilango is a great example of building a brand, and one I am very fond of. Their co-owner Eric, and head of marketing, Shannon, have been great to me through out the year, and I wish them every success in the future.

The party was fun, I choose not to go to the after party. Preferring to go home early, I’m not sure what Sarah made of that. I was probably being a bit selfish, and I apologised to her for that.

My mate asked me what would I change about all this in hindsight.  I have lived with this for over a year, and analysed it to death. But in the end, I have stuck with the original premise. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

And what now? The story of the 52 burrito dates has come to it’s natural conclusion and that’s the ending that I am comfortable with. Rina has kindly offered to continue the blog as a sequel, but any continuation would change the nature of the blog. The blog set the challenge of 52 burrito dates, and now that it has been achieved, it is over now.

So a final BIG thank you to all the burrito babes who have taken part, and to you the readers! Take the burrito love and go forth!


5 responses to “#52 – Sarah F.

  1. Hey mate, good to hear that you’ve finished it off on a high at the Chancery Lane launch and it sounds like it’s been a great journey for you. Is there are a girl/s that you liked more than others that you’re going to follow up with?

  2. Congrats on completing the challenge! I enjoyed reading it 🙂

  3. Hey man – just checked in to see how it was going – didn’t realise it was all over! Good luck returning to real life… you should consider writing a book!

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