#11 laura m.

burrito date number 11 was with laura. she is one third of fashion blog the tartinis, works for jimmy choo and likes fashion. this date was arranged by louise – laura’s friend, flat mate, blogging partner and also my colleague at we are social.

this burrito date took place on tuesday evening at chilango on upper st. laura was half an hour late – she blamed it on work and the tube but i had a suspicion she just wanted to be ‘fashionably’ late!

i was relying on her being interesting for this blog post, because unlike most of the other dates, i didn’t have anything planned to write about. not wanting to ruin her spotless white dress, laura took the burrito out of it’s tinfoil jacket and ate it with a knife an fork – definitely a first!

it was a warm evening, so we sat outside in the camden head and had a few drinks. we both ‘checked-in’ to chilango, and the camden head. we both are addicted to this new social game!we talked about work a lot. she has had pr roles for burberry, luis vuitton and now jimmy choo. she would eventually like to work in menswear, for a brand like YSL and maybe positioned in their NYC office. ‘it’s a more up and coming, and interesting side of fashion that womenswear’.

laura has amazing hair. it’s black, and very curly, like an eighties perm. and all real. i did talk about her hair a lot. she used to be called ‘sideshow bob’ as a kid (see photo when her hair is up). i joked that it was a wig. not sure how that went down, but i kept saying it, because she kept laughing, she has a very nice smile.

laura doesn’t like her name, and once put her name as ‘harper mathews’ (from harper lee of ‘to kill a mocking bird’) in a job application. she was called for an interview. conclusion: she wasn’t getting jobs because her name is boring. obviously. (!?).

at one point we thought it would be a good idea to write the date in the pub, and so laura started:

laura wrote: “wow was she interesting! probably the most interesting person i’ve ever met!!”

me: really, that’s what you think i should write?

laura: i’m not very interesting.

me: if you say so.

laura: i don’t care what you write, write what ever you want.

me: ok fine, it looks like you’re wearing a wig.

laura: well at least you didn’t call me a prostitute.

haha ok, enough of that. i put the laptop away and went back to talking about her hair. i joked that it was a boring date, (yeah, i know i can be dreadfully not funny), it wasn’t though. she was interesting, and i think we both had fun. i got the impression that laura would like to be in my position, dating wise. she spoke of checking out the dating sites. maybe i will too… next year…

vote for laura!


2 responses to “#11 laura m.

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  2. Laura has s fabulous name. Shout it loud “I am Laura, hear me roar!!” Or maybe not.
    Sounds like a really lovely date.

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