hi, i’m richard. at the 2010 london twestival, chilango, the mexican food chain donated a prize in aid of concern. the prize was a year’s free burrito meals, luckily i won! just as i was about to selfishly stuff my face with burritos, i began to experience twitter envy. in a moment of weakness (or greatness?!), i decided to share the prize by taking a different girl for a burrito every week for a whole year! how generous of me 😉 this is the story of the 52 burrito dates…
(update 9 May 2011)

… the story of the 52 burrito dates has concluded. I hope you have enjoyed reading. Thank you!


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  1. Dear Mr. Burrito Man.
    I think it no fair that the female daties don’t get to comment on these Buritto dates….it would add interesting angle to your site! Or perhaps Mr. Burrito Man’s lack of ability with the ladies could lead to a wipe out at Burritto date no. 4…..Actually, now I think I know what happened louise, she clearly knows Jamie.  Include the ladies comments; Sex and The City Movie No.2 isn’t out for another whole month! We need the female input. G2R.

    • hey laura, not sure i fully understand, would you like to see comments from the girl included in the post? the girls have tweeted about the dates if you are following them. oh and some of the upcoming dates are going to write blog posts about it on their own blogs.

  2. Richard,

    this is feckin hilarious!! Not only that you one a yers free Burrito’s but the blog…who’d have thought!

    hope you’re well, London’s clearly going well for you!

  3. angeline sloan

    Fitzy – great idea!! Your mind works over time I love it!

    Good luck with it and I hope all is going well in London – seems to be 🙂

  4. Haha, I love this site. Can’t wait to hear about more burrito dates!!

  5. Lol, just found out about your blog. I’m so checking in every week!

  6. Hi Richard, I would love to help on your challenge and join you on a burrito date. Sounds fun! I promise to be worth writing about can we arrange a date?:-) email me? x

  7. Hi Richard,
    I read about your story in the Metro today and I have to say it made me smile. What a great way to meet different people.
    I’ve yet to read your whole blog, so I’m not sure how much you reveal about yourself or how honest you are when discussing your dates, but I am intrigued by your idea.
    Are you getting fed up of burritos now, or will they stay dear to your heart?


  8. Hehe, I think this is a really funny idea. I’ve looked through some of the posts and some of them are really funny but I think you should go on a date with at least one black girl before you reach 52, in the interest of equal ethnic opportunities, racial harmony etcetera etcetera.

    • Hi Chibundu, thanks for your comment 🙂 I’m sure that will happen. I don’t have any selection criteria, and don’t even ask for photos, I just go by what the girls say in their email.

  9. stephanie mcwilliams

    my vote is till halley. she holds no candle to any other. her whit and charm speak it. i have a friend of a friend who knows her in london and always speaks very highly of her. why don’t you give her another try if she’s still avalible that is. if nothing else, you could have a good friendship out of the venture. shes truly genuine i think

  10. stephanie mcwilliams

    Correction-I meant to stay my vote is “still” halley. Halley, if you’re ever down Brighton way, stop by the Tavern and ask for me. I can show you a good time down here. Who knows, maybe you could have your debut??
    If you’re attached, bring him, doesn’t matter. the offer still stands.

  11. I think this is genuis!

    Firstly Chilango’s burritos are immense so congrats on the win and well done on the blog – absolute comedy.

    Don’t know if I could handle that many burritos but the freebie at lunch definately hit the spot so big thanks for that!

    P.S – I don’t go on Twitter very often so you’ll be pleased to know that my status will promote your blog for a very long time :oP

  12. What a crap ending. You can tell you just lost interest.

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