#49 – Richelle

Richelle writes for a website called Young & Poor. The site is run by a girl called Ranji, who I met through The London Blog Club. Their site is all about the great things you can do in London, for very little cost. And of course we decided to do something recommended on their website for our date. On Thursdays the National Portrait gallery opens late, and we decided to go there. Richelle is young (at 21 she is the youngest burrito date!), and poor, well I don’t know if she is poor, but she is still a student. Generally, I wouldn’t mind dating a 21 year old, depending out how young she acted, I would have more difficulty dating a student, as our livestyles would be too different.

She studies classics in Kings College. She particularly enjoys the Greek History. I would like to have studied history to that extent more. She told me a story, or a love poem from ancient Greece, where in it the man turns to the woman and says, stop ironing your hair, it is burning it to bits. Or words to that effect. We both concluded that people change very little. I wonder has my behaviour towards females changed as much as I imagine in the past year. Probably not.

Everywhere I go in London lately reminds me of a burrito date. Like the way one might feel about an ex-girlfriend. For the past year, the burrito first dates, have been my girlfriend.  For this date, number 49, Richelle and I met by the Trafalgar Lions, much like date number 9. I have brought the burritos from Chilango on Fleet st., and we ate them in the middle of the square surrounded by tourists, as the newly acquired late-evening daylight faded away.

Richelle said that she loves all the things they put on in Trafalgar Square. At the moment there is a clock counting down to the 2012 Olympics. They day actually changed while we were looking at the clock, it switches over at 7:30pm in the evening, must be the time of the opening ceremony on the 27th of July 2012 (which will, incidentally, be my 29th Birthday). I am so excited about the Olympics, in fact in is the single most exciting thing that is taking place between now and next summer. I do some work through Marketing related to the Olympics, Richelle on the other hand is involved in the Olympics from a cultural perspective. She is part of a group that advises museums how to attract a younger audience, and is currently helping the Museum of London. After our burrito, we had our photo taken by the clock.

In the National Portrait galley we viewed the contemporary permanent collection.  There was a lot of work by Tracy Emin and Sarah Lucas, who are both just annoying and vulgar. We saw an interesting series of photographs of English people in New York. The photos were great, and so were the stories. The idea could work for me, as part of an exhibition of Irish people in London, or Richellle, Filipino people in London.

Up we went to a packed top floor for a cocktail. The view of the London skyline was spectacular as usual. The atmosphere was great, as were the cocktails served by an enthusiastic bar man. However, the conversation was dying out. I sensed that Richelle was worried that the date wasn’t going well, and that I might not write a nice post. For all the above reasons, I enjoyed the date. Richelle is nice, nothing superficial and deluded about, and she is good company. But like many other of these burrito dates, a second date is probably not likely.

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One response to “#49 – Richelle

  1. It’s a small Filipina world after all, sponsored by the letter R:

    Who would’ve thought you’d end up dating the 4sq Mayor of Museum of London 🙂

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