#48 – Kathryn M.

Burrito date 48

This time last year, the 25th of March 2010 to be precise, I won a year’s supply of Burritos at London Twitter festival, a prize from which this blog emerged a few weeks later. So when Twestival came along again, it seemed only natural that I would take a date to the event. I opened up the invitation to people attending Twestival with a blog post on their site, asking those interested in being my date to comment. Kathryn responded and the burrito date 48 was set in motion.

Kathryn is from Carlow in Ireland, and we have mutual friends (35 according to Facebook). She spent many years studying in Edinburgh so I don’t know her as well as I would her friends. She originally studied something along the lines of textile designs, and that interest in fashion is evident in her style.  I knew that she would be good company at Twestival, where we would be chatting to lots of different people, and  I was glad when she wanted to come on a date with me.

As well as having friends in common, Kathryn is also a blogger. She is passionate about cooking, from what I’ve seen she is excellent and has a unique original twist to everything she cooks. I’ve been really impressed with how quickly she has taken to blogging, on her blog Tasty Ribbons, and she also makes great cooking tutorial videos.

We met at Chilango on Fleet St., first for a burrito. It was a bit awkward at first, because we already new each other, for some reason. We joked about it though, and soon we were asking those first date questions that you never get the chance to ask a friend of a friend. We were soon getting on well, so well that I wondered why we hadn’t done something like this before.

Soon we were checking into the Cape Bar a short walk away, where Twestival was taking place. The venue was a wide open bar, with most of the fun on the stage, from various music acts, to karaoke and a charity raffle. There were screens with live tweets, you can see my tweet in the below image if you look close enough! Eric and Shannon from Chilango were there feeding the crowd with their amazing burritos, I’ve gotten to know them over the year and they are really nice people. They are opening the 5th Chilango in Holborn soon, and I wish them lots more success in the future. They had kindly donated another prize for the raffle, and asked me what I’d do if I won? Dates more burrrito babes of course!!

I met all my old colleagues from We Are Social, who I haven’t seen in months. It was great to catch up offline and in person! They are another small company who are doing great things, also opening their 5th office soon. They played a big role in the beginning of this journey: it was with them that I attending last year’s event and they helped get the word out there from the first tweet, as well as on their blog. A big thank you to them as well!

Alas I didn’t win the prize again, so the slim chance of more burrito dates won’t be happening. I bumped in to one of the top Social Media bloggers, Adam Vincenzini. He was telling me that he did a blogging adventure about how he went one year without reading newspapers. Near the end of it, he said there was pressure to go out with a bang as people asked him how he would finish it. He told them, it’s just another week in a long year. That’s exactly how I feel about the burrito dates, and it was nice to hear that from someone who had been there, done it.

Is this post getting a bit sentential? Well that’s not how the date was. It was very much focused on Kathryn. She made me laugh all night, and had ALL my attention. Check out this video of Kathryn on helium!

At around 11 we left to go for a quieter drink somewhere. I gave her a cross bar on my bike, probably a bit silly but so much fun. Then in a bar by Old St round about, we kissed. I hadn’t planned it at all, it just kind of happened. I think we’re both glad it did. I don’t think there will be another date though, as there I think she likes another boy. And so another chapter ends, 4 to go.

Vote for Kathryn!


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