#47 Nalia S.

Burrito date 47

This is a video I came across from Helen Fisher on Ted.com about Romantic Love. The video was shared over one fellow date blogger The Date Guy, (a good read for those who will have a gap in their regular weekly date blog slot soon!). The talk is about love and the role it plays today, including a clever quote from George Bernard Shaw

‘Love consists of over-estimating the difference between one woman and another’

Her talk gets very scientific, and most of the words go over my head. It is her message at the end, about the relationship between drugs in modern society and love, especially on anti-depressants – and that is the link to Nalia. Burrito Date no. 47 would not have the same difficulty. She studied bio-chemistry and deals with drugs every day in her job. I learned so much about the industry from listening to her; in short, pharamaceuticals  are really bad. They are only in it for the money. But they do find some amazing drugs, Nalia told me about a drug that can cure the paralysing effects of epilepsy (although not without it’s side affects it has to be said). The fact that I was so interested in Nalia talking about medicine is more down to how much fun she is. She’s got a bubbly, lively fun personality. One that I wouldn’t typically match with a bio-chemist!

We moved away from sciency stuff, and I asked her a question I heard at an induction in work recently: would you prefer the body of a guy and the face of a woman, or the body of a woman, and the face of a guy? She gave a very calculating response, and leaned on the site of a guys body so that she could be better at sport! What would you have said?

There was no theme planned for this date. Being the eve of St. Patrick’s day it could have had an Irish theme. It could have been in the air, but we ended up talking about Ireland. I was surprised how little Nalia knew about it. She was never taught Irish history in school. She thought that the ‘troubles’ and the North-South divide were to do with internal political issues, and not aware of the role that the UK played. I explained bits and pieces, but it reminded me that I take for granted what people might or might not know about the country I am from, and vice-versa with some of the burrito dates. Nalia was interested though, and this could have been a more Irish-themed burrito date.

There was no event planned for afterwards either, we stayed until closing time. But we could have gone salsa dancing, or anything Brazilian-related. Although English through and through, the Brazilian culture is one that Nalia likes a lot. She had just come from Portuguese language classes that evening, but only likes the Brazilian version of the language! She has even tried Capoeria, and I imagine that if there was a Brazilian themed poetry reading, she would even have been excited about that.

This is one of those dates that was great fun, we just got on well. I’m don’t know if we would have the same fun a second time, and I don’t think there is time to find out. Too many dates, not enough burritos!

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3 responses to “#47 Nalia S.

  1. With no joy after #47 dates and only 5 left, have you considered taking a bloke on a burrito date? He could be the missing ingredient!

  2. Richard… will you still go to Chilango’s after this? Will you be blogging in any other forum?

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