#46 – Ivanka v.m and Grace F.

Did you hear the one about 2 Girls and 1 Burrito?

I found myself going on a date with two girls on Thursday, Ivanka from Cape Town, and Grace from Indiana. They are friends from the Master’s course in Philosophy that they study at LSE. When Ivanka first got in touch, I suggested we go to one of the LSE public events; there is a Martin Wolf talk on the economy next Wednesday. She told me that would be way too boring, and suggested we go to a gig instead.

I thought I was meeting serious Master’s students, and I ended up with two college girls who were the most entertainment I’ve had on a date yet. Many of their jokes were un-postable, especially the ones about funny anti-feminist chat.

We met at Chilango on Fleet St, and the girls had already had a few drinks. Happy days. At the beginning of the 52 Burrito Dates story, I steered away from dating two girls at once, thinking it would set a bad precedent for a girl bringing along a friend for support. Ivanka was very persuasive so I agreed (and the fact that I wanted to write ‘2 girls 1 burrito’ in a blog post). But it mixed things up nicely. Just 3 people going to a gig together, grabbing some food beforehand and having a few drinks.

The band was The Boxer Rebellion, playing at Heaven. And yes, the girls asked the cab driver to take us to heaven. Heaven is normally a gay club when it’s not a gig venue. But there were a lot of guys there, Ivanka joked that her low cut top wouldn’t even help her get served at the bar. Both the girls like the band: Grace mostly because they feature in a rom-com called Going the Distance; Ivanka knows both their albums. She really likes music and, like, only ever listens to live albums instead studio albums. The gig was great, really good. I think there were about 1,000 people there, and the band were amazing. I enjoyed it a lot.

There was a bit of flirting going on. And I did enjoy having a girl on each arm.Now if I was back at Pick Up Artist bootcamp, I’d be given advice on how to play the two girls off each other. Make them work for my attention. I’m told there is a chapter in The Game all about how to work two girls. I haven’t read it, but I can’t help thinking if I had a few tricks up my sleve things would have turned out differently. How would you have got on? I think girls are better than guys at making people jealous, what do you think?

Afterwards I suggested Gordon’s Wine bar nearby, Grace is claustrophobic and that wouldn’t work. We walked a bit, but then I decided to leave the two college girls continue their night. So did I like them? I liked them both a little bit, they were very different but their sense of humour made them friends. Grace plays a lot of tennis, and talks about movies a lot. While Ivanka is genuinely very funny, she doesn’t sound like she takes anything seriously. She’s got a tattoo on her wrist, ‘so it goes…’ from her favourite book. And adopts that Ce la vie attitude to everything.

Writing this I trying to decide which girl I liked more, and if I really liked either of them and I can’t make my mind up. So 2 girls 1… Does it work? I can’t come to a conclusion on that one either. This date seems to be a compromise between having fun and having an actual date. I’m going to try the double date thing again with two different girls to compare notes.

Vote for Ivanka & Grace!


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