#44 – Tiffany M.

Convent Garden was different in the 1940’s than the thoroughfare tourist attraction it is now. There were a lot of empty buildings and rent was cheap. The dance studios must have been there, as was a theatre. The movie, the Ballet of the Red Shoes was set there. This film was the chosen movie for the current Secret Cinema.

Secret Cinema is a show each month that runs for 3 weeks, played out by actors in a thematic setting. The Wharehouse we were led to from Wapping Tube station was transformed into Convent Garden in the 40’s. All the build up to the main feature film was interactive performance acting based on the movie, it was all very atmospheric. The actors were very convincing, and very good, including a young Irish actor named Peter Campion.

I had booked tickets to go see this for another date that it was perfect for, but she pulled out at the last minute, so I turned to Twitter to find a replacement. Twitter didn’t let me down.

Tiffany @tiffjmo is from a small town in Arizona, down near Mexico. And having studdied in the states, ended up working in London via a PHD in Cambridge. We ate the burritos under a bridge down by the Tobacco wharehouse in Wapping. Tiffany work sounded very scientific all about genes in cancer, and she explained it in a way that I learned a thing or two.

Such as the short notice, Tiffany didn’t have time to dress up, but her hair is naturally curly and so she blended in. I had enough 40’s like gear on to fit in. There were about 500 others there, all dressed accordingly. I’ve been watching Broadwalk Empire on TV, a new US mobster series set in prohibition Atlantic City. To make it, Martin Scorsese and crew rebuilt the Broadwalk in Brooklin, New York. This wharehouse where Secret Cinema was felt like being on a set for a show set in the 1940’s, and the scene was set to be on a date with a sexy English girl.

Have you ever been on a date with a girl, and looked around at all the other amazing girls, and wishing that you were on a date with one of them instead? I don’t say this to be cruel, just to honest say something that I think every guy has experienced at least once.

There was so much to participate in before the show, but we only took part in one dance rehearsal. Maybe Tiffany was a bit shy, but I just felt that she wasn’t really enjoying herself. It was too pleasant, and not enough fun. It was like she was holding back, where as the event called out for us to let go.

That said, the movie was amazing. I heard of it before, Scorsese had said the cinematography was game changing, particularly in the techniques used to show movement. The camera man was Jack Cardiff, who you may recalled, was the subject for a documentary on one of these burrito dates, way back at number 5. There is a good story to the Ballet of The Red Shoes too, and a few great one liners, as was obligatory for movies made back then before they were over done to death, one that stuck out: ‘Put on the Red Shoes Vicky, and dance for us again’.

I’m grateful to Tiffany to have come along, but I think Secret Cinema would have been better as a second date. A first date over a messy burrito at Chilango would have been ideal to gage the potential of a second date. And it would have indicated that there wasn’t.

Vote for Tiffany!


10 responses to “#44 – Tiffany M.

  1. Mate – I have become a fasiated by your dating… it feels a little voyouristic to be honest!
    I checked out the silent cinema website and have signed up for updates.

    I think this is good advice, maybe a first date should never be too “big” a thing, maybe the secret to a ladys heart is a simple first date… with spicey mexican food!

  2. Richard- don’t know if it’s because of the volume of dates but you seem to be getting well harsh on the girls! Are you going in now expecting the dates to be failures? I know it must be hard because there hasn’t been one of those amazing connections yet but you have 8 girls left to meet and maybe if you could just try your best to put the previous dates out of your mind & stay positive you could have a really good time.

  3. You can’t force these things though Peach. Richard “trying harder” isn’t going to mean there is a high likely hood of a real connection – you know?
    Dating is also tiring – our time only comes once and sometimes in life you do just wish you were with someone else / or just somewhere else entirely!

    You know?

  4. Oh, yeah I do get that. I guess, the girls know what they’re signing up for in being written about, but even if I didn’t like a guy I would be mortified if he said in such a public forum that he spent our date wishing he was with someone else. I suppose I was just advocating staying in the moment a little more and maybe cutting the girls a little slack- not forcing a connection, but not instantly honing in on the reasons why not to be with them. My comments in the past have been supportive so I’m not trying to be judgemental, it’s just the past few posts have had quite a negative tone and I was thinking Richard might benefit from not instantly sizing up the pros and cons of the next few dates as relationship material, but rather just relaxing, enjoying their time together as much as possible and not over-thinking it too much.

  5. In response to the whole thing about wishing you were on a date with someone other than the person your with…Ever wonder if maybe the girls you’re taking these Burrito Dates are wishing the same thing?

    • Yes of course, but they ask me out nit the other way around. Thanks for your comment.

      • Interesting way to look at it…I don’t think they are actually asking you out. They are offering to be part of your project. They don’t have any more interest in you to start off than you have in them. If this is the way you see it then maybe you’re sitting back waiting for them to impress you. You should have an open mind to get to know and enjoy time with different types of people. Maybe let yourself go instead of blaming the girls for holding back.

  6. Well being someone that has been out with Tiffany quite a few times I would say she is not too shy and she is always up for something adventurous. I’ll be honest I was expecting this date to crash and burn but for reasons entirely different than the ones you stated.

    I think that if you were wishing you were on a date with someone else… then your actual date, Tiffany (or any other dates that haven’t gone so well from the beginning for that matter), may have picked up on that vibe and felt a bit put off because of it… and if that’s the case well what’s the point of being on a date.

    I agree with Peach, stay positive and stop expecting so much… maybe go back to having fun instead of analyzing the situation for your blog… What is the cliche something like you “love will find you when your not looking for it”.

  7. Peach – yeah fair play. Please don’t take that a reflection that you weren’t being supportive – by the fact that you read this means that you are of course supportive of Richards crazy adventures!!

    You make a good point – being in the moment is really important. It sounds a little like in the early Fresh days Richard was more in the moment now you say it, and maybe it is useful to kick it old school are revisit where you started.

    Anyway – I look forward to the next installment – no matter how it goes!

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