#43 – Stacy S.

All the ingredients were in place: Valentine’s day,  a second date with Stacy, burritos and wine on the terrace of the Young Vic, tickets to see Vernon God Little (a funny and contemporary American play, Stacy is an American actor!)

The last date we really didn’t have enough time. I was tired, and we had nothing planned for afterwards. When friends told me that I should have made more of an effort, I decided to ask Stacy on a second date. I haven’t brought girls on second burrito dates, instead keeping any follow up off the blog for the most part. This seemed like an occasion to break the mould. I got to know her better. She has 5 jobs, the most interesting of which is in a dog modeling agency. Our chat was definitely more ‘second date chat’ and we had more of a laugh. The theatre was filled with couples, and there was a real buzz about the place. We ate the burritos on the terrace before taking our seats.

The play is about a kid called Vernon God Little, his friend has just massacred 17 of his school mates in a school in Texas. I had read the book a few years ago, it’s a bit like Catcher in the Rye, but very satirical. The play was less dark. I was interested in Stacy’s take on how the people were portrayed. ‘I’m from the West (Utah)’ she said, ‘We laugh at the Southerners too, we laugh at George Bush the same way you guys do’.

So everything went according to plan. It really did, I wouldn’t have changed anything about how the evening panned out. But there was something missing. I’m not sure why. I did try. I was quiet disappointed actually. What’s a guy gotta do?

After two dates I figured that you would like to get Stacy’s side of the story, and since that see doesn’t have her own blog I asked her to write a few words for this post (thanks Stacy), here’s goes:

“First of all, props to Richard for asking me to write my own review of our second date (especially after Tweeting to one of his friends: “Valentine’s Date went well…ish…”). Brave move, Richard. Very brave.
To be honest, I wasn’t surprised when I read blog #42 about how tired Richard had grown of the Burrito Dates. Judging from his excessive yawning during our first date, followed by a hasty post-burrito exit, I had already gathered that this might be the case. What DID surprise me was his invitation to be his Valentine’s Day date. But never one to turn down a random adventure, I agreed. Luckily for me, Date #2 (or, in Richard’s case, Date #43) was much better than our first. Richard was a perfect gentleman the entire night. He arrived early with burritos in hand, insisted on paying for everything (though of course I offered), and had had the foresight to purchase our theatre tickets in advance. He was also sweet enough to buy me a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, which he very nervously thrust into my hands right before the show began. All in all, it was a very enjoyable night (and this time he only yawned a little bit).

In the end, I think Richard’s initial judgment was correct and that we don’t really have much romantic chemistry between us. However, I really admired that he was willing to give it another go, and was very flattered that he chose me as his Valentine’s Day date.
Richard: I wish you all the best with your remaining dates. Even if this doesn’t all add up to beautiful burrito bliss, I think you’re a great guy and that you’ve created something really unique here. Keep your chin up and, hey, get some sleep, will ya?”

Thanks Stacy, will do.

Vote for Stacy (vote date 40)


3 responses to “#43 – Stacy S.

  1. I am sorry that I am going to miss you speaking at the london bloggers meet on tuesday – have a good one man!

  2. I think it would be an interesting experiment amidst this social experiment if you randomly out of the next batch of upcoming dates pursued and invited somebody whose emails were the opposite of what you look for in a date and see how that turns out by comparison to the ones you have chosen that haven’t turned out well.

    Just to mix things up a bit, maybe add a comedy factor and prevent things from going stale. And maybe you aren’t a good judge of character over email introductions? Who knows, you decide…

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