#42 – Sarah E.

I’ve hit the wall. There is a stage marathon runners go through that this phrase makes reference to. It can happen around mile 21 of 26 (or date 41 of 52) and has some scientific explanation. But really it’s when you’re body doesn’t want to be there anymore. You are going through the motions. And those repetitive motions are painful. It becomes a mental battle. Mind over matter. Stay going. The end is in sight. There will be better miles than this.

Right at the start of the date, just as we about to tuck into our burritos, upstairs in a busy Chilango, Sarah stopped me in the middle of my first question and said: “We don’t have to treat this as a date”. She didn’t want me to write much about her, and so I won’t. I do have nice things to say about her, but because I am being negative in general, I don’t want to drag her into it.

Later we were in Dragon Bar in Shoreditch. It’s Social Media week in London and there was a Tweepup called Shoreditch Twit taking place in Dragon bar. Chatting over a pint, Sarah hit on another point related to the blog, that first dates don’t really work. Any halfwit can appear pleasant for a couple of hours, it’s only after a few more dates do you get to know each other, and find out whether you like each other.

During an actual marathon, the mile when I have hit the wall is about 10 minutes and it feels like the longest 10 minutes I have every run. This date was only two hours long and finished up about 9 o ‘clock, but it seemed a hell of a lot longer. We left after one drink, my body didn’t want to be there, but determination got me through it.

The marathon analogy doesn’t actually work beyond this date because miles add up to a feeling of euphoria in the end. Racking up a number of female conquests would be a similar feeling for some guys, but it’s not the point of the exercise. I thought about what Sarah said, and invite one of the previous 40 dates for a Valentines Day Burrito Date this coming Monday. You’ll remember Stacy, or number 40. She will become number 43 and give me the jolt of energy that I need!

Vote for Sarah.


4 responses to “#42 – Sarah E.

  1. Good to see you sold your soul eventually to placing adverts on the website… thought you wouldn’t be into it for the money?

    • I would be in it for the money, if there was actually any money in it. But there isn’t. Any ads on the blog aren’t generated by me, maybe by WordPress, but I haven’t seen any ads, are you seeing things Ger? I am getting a lot more value out of this that a few ads would generate.

      • I don’t see any ads — apart for Chilango…and of course there was that pick-up course you went on, which is sort of an ad.

        Glad to hear your heading on a repeat date. If it doesn’t work out I see that Cafe Kick place has speed dating on Valentine’s night!

  2. Totally understand where you’re coming from. Conversation can become REALLY standard after a few repetitive dates. It can be mind numbing!

    Although, I think it is made harder for you because you have to go to the same setting i.e Chilango each time.

    Hopefully there’ll be some Valentines Day magic in the air on Monday. Chin up!

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