#41 – Lucy M.

Before I tell you about date 41, I want to share a video that was made last week by two talented TV MA students at City University, Caroline James and Jonross Swaby. They heard about the story when one of their classmates came on a date, and they decided to make a local news clip about it.

City News: 52 Burrito Dates from Jonross Swaby on Vimeo.

And now to another burrito date, number 41. It’s not warm at the moment in London, yet things transpired so that both the burrito and the drinks after were had outside. It made for a nice setting, but in the end it got a bit cold for us, and had me longing for warmer weather, and thinking of last summer’s dates in the sun.

Lucy writes for the reviews and listings website, Spoonfed, which I have often used for things to do on dates. Unfortunately it didn’t throw up anything interesting for us to do after the date. Burritos and drinks it was.

Lucy is from the outskirts of London, where she lives with her Gran. She studied English Lit in Norwich, and the first thing they told her when she started at Spoonfed was to forget everything she learned about English literature. That seems to be a common thing that English grads experience, as many end of in some sort of editorial capacity for mainly web-based publishers, writing in a style that isn’t particularly related to what they learned in Uni. Lucy’s dream job would be as a music journalist, she likes all sorts of music especially indie music, and that’s why she loves her job at the moment.

All the books Lucy read in Uni put her off traditional English classics as well; she has instead resorted to reading the likes of Jay Z’s and Keith Richards’s autobiographies. We spoke about books for a bit. Lucy used to be mad into Harry Potter books, which she started reading when she was about 10. She was so into them that in the summer she was to make her mind up about which secondary school to go to she delayed her decision for months waiting hopefully for a letter from Hogwarts. At the end of the summer a letter arrived, it wasn’t from Hogwarts.

Lucy’s lively and bubbly personality made for a fun date despite the cold. As Chilango was so full, we sat on the seats outside. Then when we went to the Camden Head, it was full also. The date didn’t really progress from there, we were both making an effort, but I don’t think there was much real interest from either of us. Lucy told me about how she had recently signed up for the web dating site, Cupid, and that some of the requests she was receiving were a bit strange. She has a date lined up for next week.

It dawned on me that I’m not the only one who goes on regular dates. While the search is fun, it gets a bit repetitive. Week after week, showing up, same trivial format, hoping something different will happen. It’s like learning a new skill, sure you are into it, dedicated, and through preservance you get there eventually. Making the same mistakes, before you achieve perfection. The banailty of showing up each time, doing the same thing, can be a bit of a drag. It’s being weighing on me for a while. And on this date, I realised that it’s not just me, guys and girls who don’t have a year’s worth of burrito dates to write about, often go through the same process.

I hope that Lucy has luck finding someone more compatible that I was for her.

Vote for Lucy.


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