#40 Stacy S.

Date 40

A few of days before date number 40, Stacy emailed me with a couple of questions:

1. How tall are you?
2. If you could have one of these two superpowers, which would you choose and why: The power or invisibility, or the power of the flight?

Wondering what she was getting at, I thought long and hard about the second one, and gave her an answer with practical things such as the scientific development of an invisibility cloak, to the sensation felt by hang gliding. And before I pressed send I added that I am 5ft 10ins.

Stacy wrote back to say she just wanted to know what shoes to wear on our date, as she was 5ft 8ins, and she disguised the weirdness of the question with the super power question. It worked, and made me laugh. I was drawing the impression that she had a sense of humour, her original email included a photo of her with a clown nose on.

We met in Chilango, it was packed but we got a seat upstairs at the back.  The height issue didn’t come up at all, because of the correct choice of shoes. Thinking about it now though, height is quite an important part of dating in general. I think I prefer small girls, but Stacy’s height didn’t put me off. We talked about her being ‘funny’, or ‘crazy’, and she wouldn’t claim to be either. We both agreed that such self proclamations would be weird. I did find her to have a sense of humour that, added with a inquisitive shyness, made for an enjoyable date.

Stacy is from Salt Lake City in Utah; having studied acting in Birmingham she is now living in London. Her mum posted a Facebook status update to day, ‘Good luck to date number 40!’. Stacy’s Mom’s has got it going on!

We talked a lot about acting, theatre, movies. I told her the story of Catfish, a movie I saw recently. It features some pseudo-people on the Internet , and we considered the possibility that Stacy wasn’t who she said she was. Then about how she could use her acting skills to create a alternative personality online. Maybe even to help her acting career. She went for a role recently that required her to be a goth, and despite dressing up as one, her true personality was transparent. I think that says a lot about her, she is a genuine, honest person.

So when we parted at the end of the date, I was left wondering was she a nice friendly, shy, but not that adventurous girl? Thinking about it, and looking at the first questions I asked her in an email, I found something that shows and fun and spontaneous side of her, her answer to my question. So, the burrito is our first date, what would you like to do for our one year?

Well, I think it only right that we first return to the scene of the crime and celebrate the now-legendary burrito date that brought us together in the first place. And after that, I would suggest booking a last-minute flight to somewhere that neither of us have ever been, and just going. No pre-planning excursions or anything like that: just get off the plane and go wherever impulse leads us. Who knows, maybe it would give rise to a new tradition.

That’s a pretty great answer, unfortunately I think a one year anniversary is unlikely, although I would like to go to the theatre with Stacy at some point.

Vote for Stacy!


7 responses to “#40 Stacy S.

  1. Bravo, looks like you got a new cam. The prior blurry cell cam pics sucked. I think writing this blog has the unintended consequence of improving your writing. Having read this entire blog in the course of a few days makes it very noticeable.

    Is the number of American girls that have accompanied you on burrito dates somewhat representative of number of Americans in London? Stacy looks like a really pretty girl next door. I’ve was somewhat of a goth and I never met any that looked anything remotely like her. Good looks don’t usually foster the kind of angst needed for maximum goth cred. Lovely smile and perfect teeth too. Is the stereotype of Brits having wonky teeth true? Or is that a bygone effect of postwar poverty?

  2. She’s gorgeous. Good job you didn’t fancy her, mate, better for the rest of us.

  3. Sounds like a great date with a great girl. Why wouldn’t you want to see this goes? I would if I were you.

  4. Richard, I have been following your blog for some time (i like it aye:) . I can’t help but ask- why can’t you get on with any of these girls? I mean, 40 girls is a massive number of girls, you haven’t even had too many second dates mate…
    it’s time you started being a little more serious about it and a little less picky..
    just my opnion, but as a big fan of the blog, I think its purpose (to find you a girlfriend) doens’t seem like it is going to be fulfilled!!

    Ps- reply please :))

    • Hi Anna, thanks for you comment, it made a friend laugh. I don’t know the answers to your questions though, and I’m do you mind me asking what you think the purpose of the blog is?

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