#39 Angela N.

burrito date 37

A guy I met at the London Blog Club, Marco, suggested that I go on a date with his colleague Angela. He described her as Swedish, recently single, and an event organiser for the World Poker tour. Guys, she sounds like the kind of girl you’d like to take for a burrito, right!?

Angela works for Party Gaming, and I get the impression that she is a valued member of the team. Despite me arriving 15 minutes late to Chilango on Fleet St, Angela was still there and we enjoyed our burritos. Angela was a much tidier and eater than I, I think she was being conservative and left a bit at the end. While I just made a big mess of this one, I must have used like 30 napkins!

Angela left Sweden 13 years ago when she was 19, and has travelled around the world. She lived in Spain, Italy and France and finally settled here in London. I say settled, but this isn’t exactly true. She is always travelling with work, most recently she held an event in Madagascar, and she has lots of events coming up in Europe and well as trips to the World Poker Tour HQ in the US.

She isn’t settled in her London accommodation either. At one point she listed the places she lived in London, and there were so so many, about 7 I think in 6 years (give or take). She is currently in the process of moving apartment, because there is a mouse in her room. It was funny listening to Angela describe the mouse, but she was genuinely frightened – she’s been sleeping with the light on! The mouse have been there for 2months! And even worse, she recently found a dead mouse in her room. No wonder she is moving. With all the travelling she does, all the countries she lives in, you get the impression that she is never going to settle down.

The show we went to see was definitely the right choice for her. It was called Teatro Corsario: La Maldición de Poe, part of the South Bank mime festival. I have to say it was fantastic! It was based on Edgar’s Curse by Edgar Allan Poe. It was really dark, lots of death; the puppets both looked and preformed amazingly, and the story was told so well with classical music and Spanish utterances.

Afterwards, while drinking a bottle of Merlot, we both agreed that words were often unnecessary in visual performances. The Purcell Room bar area was crowed as people gathered for the Night Shift (The above photo is of Angela showing her Night Shift wrist tatoo/sticker). We took a table and listened to the atmospheric live music; a Marilyn Monroe doppleganger and a pianist who looked like he was wearing a wig. Some food, an entertaining show, and late night wine over looking the Thames with live music, not bad for just another burrito date. We both laughed, joked, enjoyed the surroundings, and when it was time to go, we even kissed good night!

I know lots of people, have some great friends, they are the people I am supposed to enjoy the company of, right? So isn’t it unusual that I can have so much fun with a stranger? On dates like this, I feel very lucky. I think there is a bit of magic about 52 burrito dates at the moment, and I’m going to role with it. Like last week, Ruth, who was 21, we had a super date and this week Angela, who is 33, another amazing date. Looking forward to date number 40 with Stacey next week!


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