#38 Ruth B.

4 hours after we first met I walked Ruth to Angel tube station. We were still talking about lots of different things, and it felt like the date could have continued. We hugged good bye, and then both of us went to kiss at the same time, but we didn’t actually kiss. Ruth abruptly said ‘let’s keep in touch’, and i’m thinking, ‘let’s start to touch’. But I was like ‘ok’ and then went the other way. Awkward.


When I got home my brother had made this video. Whatever about his first attempt at iMovie, I think he has stumbled upon the theme tune for 52 burrito dates!! And failing that, I think Chilango should definitely play it in their restaurants!!

Around 3 months ago

Ruth was one of the girls who emailed after the article in the London Metro. At the time, I was replying to emails with the same 3 questions, about how we would celebrate our first aniversary, and questions about being a talkshow host and the favourite book she had read. Ruth’s answers were interesting, but it was more from following her on Twitter that I choose her for date. Ive stopped asking silly email questions.

7pm (back to the date)
We both were on time, and took our burritos upstairs. Ruth ordered a coke,  I got a water, and the first half an hour of the date was pretty dry too. Ruth is in the final part of a degree in Liverpool, she also does a lot with the Labour Party. We talked about politics. I was bored. And Ruth looked bored too. I was sure she had a nice smile, if only I could make her laugh. Those questions really didn’t serve their purpose of getting to know a little bit about her.

Surprisingly, it took the names of Kenny Daglish and Jedward to spark our date into life. We must have been talking about football and music at the same time.Burrito Date 38 Ruth loves Liverpool. I’ve always loved football too, and she also loves all sorts of music, she mentioned a few bands that I didn’t know, as I was giving her credit for music knowledge, she mentioned that she had just bought the Justin Bieber album! Not only that, she recently had her photo taken with Jedward! We both saw the funny side of it, but the joking stopped when she told me she had auditioned for X-Factor. Although she didn’t get through, she’ll probably try again. She still sings karaoke but she wouldn’t sing for me.

I wasn’t sure how the date was going, despite picking up a bit. I didn’t know if Ruth would like to go for a drink or not. There was a gig on in a pub near by, but I hadn’t suggested it before hand, deciding instead to see how the date was going. When I mentioned it, she didn’t seem to object, so I led the way…

Ruth is much younger than I am, and younger than many of the other burrito dates, she’s 21, I think she could be the youngest, I’m not sure? But she didn’t act it. She seemed so much more mature than some of the other dates who have recently graduated. She didn’t seem deluded about work, she didn’t seem insecure. I’ve had a few bad experiences, and I was trying to figure out if she was genuinely nice. She wants to work away in a store for the next couple of years, while writing a children’s book. I told her she should write one about Bieber and Jedward. I think she thought I was being serious.

We had a few drinks, and listened to what turned out to be decent music. It’s in the Lexington bar up in Angel; in the second date I went to see music there, and I’d recommend it if you’re ever in the area. I was glad we had decided to go see some music, Ruth clearly likes live music. We were getting on well. At this stage of the date, I was thinking, what woudl the Pick Up Artists do in this situation, and then I told her about the bootcamp, and all the tricks I learned. They definitely wouldn’t have done that!We were talking about all sorts of things, I can’t really remember, but I do recall enjoying myself.

Ruth wrote a blog post about the date, which I have just read. I get the feeling she had a good time. She says in her post, that she doesn’t see any romantic possibility. I’m not interested in anything serious either, I have another 14 dates to go on!! I d0 want to see her again though. There is a pub called The Birdcage on Columbia Rd, it does karaoke every Friday night, Ruth, if you’re free next Friday, I’ll see you there?


14 responses to “#38 Ruth B.

  1. Cradle snatcher…

  2. You should’ve hit that.

  3. Any action yet? Or just material for the bank

  4. Wow, Ruth is hot. She get’s my vote for the best looking date. But she supports Liverpool, shame that!

  5. Ruth is a godess

  6. uh oh – Neil Mayer is BACK!

  7. Birdcage is the best pub ever…and they do karaoke on Saturdays too…just so you know

  8. I have just read her post about you… so you like Westlife huh? and even go to their gigs and stuff



  9. Ruth is, essentially, the champion of champions.

  10. Agree with Jenny – Bridcage is great

  11. I do not see what all the fuss over ruth is about. not so good looking, she is a bit short and stumpy. many more like her, like cardboard cut outs. she’s nothing special but at least we are now closer to what R needs to fill his piggy bank with and discard. will he ever find love? maybe when he grows up

  12. Had to Google Jedward. Ick! Jeeze, diggin up the dead of the 80s and 90s and you guys choose Kid’n Play, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice to resurrect? I wonder though. If a girl was perfect in all other regards would I be able to stand her pumping Jedward and Bieber through the flat?

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