#37 Charlie L.

Burrito Date 37

For a moment while I was sitting upstairs in Chilango, a place which has become a second home for me, with date number 37 at the table across, I felt like a character from one of my favourite movies: About A Boy. There is a scene in the movie, shown at the beginning of the below trailer, which shows girl after girl being dumped by Hugh Grant’s character.

I’m not nearly as cool as the guy int he movie, and I’m not dumping girls on these burrito dates, but there is a familiarity about it. I was munching my pork burrito with extra peppers and guacamole thinking that Charlie is a nice girl, and that it’s great to be on a date, but I don’t really fancy her. Wondering what the next date would be like, and with only 15 to go now, am I ever going to meet someone that it’s going to work out with?

After all it doesn’t really matter what happens, this is the story of 52 burrito dates, or 52 girls. So, I had to snap out of Hugh Grants shoes and back into reality…

I was excited about his date because Charlie was also interviewing me. She is currently interning for the North London Gazette, and her editor suggested she go on a date with me and do a feature on Chilango. There have been a few journalists, or aspiring writers on this blog. I think writing is a nice skill to have, epecially to be able to do so in a creative manner while making a career out of it. Charlie studied English at Warrick and now she is doing an MA in Journalism in London.

The other thing I find interesting about journalism is the new forms of media now open to journalists. Charlie is a blogger too, and we talked about some of the blogs some of her classmates write, as well as Twitter and the new buzz social questions site, Quora, which we had both recently signed up for. I liked that Charlie was open minded about the her future, she was focused on one publication, or one medium, instead knowing that she wants to write, and would consider all options. She mentioned The Times features writer Camilla Long, whom she met recently, as an inspiration.

I was keen to try out some of the tricks I learned on the Pick Up Artist (PUA) training bootcamp, but as I said, I didn’t fancy her, and just wasn’t bothered to create ’emotional responses’ and work on ‘sexual esculation’.

Charlie is originally from London, but lived most of her life in the US near Washiongton DC. There wasn’t a hint of an accent, but the clue that gave away her American past was that she still regularly plays lacrosse. The first lacrosse player I have come across in London,  and supposedly there are quite a few!

So why didn’t it work out? The hour or so we spent chatting was enjoyable, but there wasn’t enough of an attraction for us to go on a second date. I’m glad I met Charlie though, another young media professional in London, and a new contact on Twitter!

It’s exactly one year since I moved to London from Dublin, where I lived for 7 years (give or take), and in all my time there I only went on a handful of dates. Now, I’ve been on dates with 37 different girls in London already, how mad is that!? I hope every year I spend in this City is as good as last year!


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