#35 m.

Update: Photo removed and name replaced with M after my date subsequently requested that she become annoymous on the blog.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park was the setting for burrito date 35. It had all the ingredients for a great date, Christmas lights, music, play ground rides, Christmas markets, alcohol and the essential burritos thrown in. And it did turn out to be a great date.

We met at marble arch tube and walked towards Winter Wonderland. It turned out that M was on this date as part of a dare from a friend!

M is 24 and works as a planner with a media agency in London; an agency not to unlike where I currently work. Shared a similar profession and an interest in all things marketing, we immediately had something in common . We swapped stories about what our jobs are like. I was impressed with how into it M seemed, and how she wanted to work in advertising since she was nine. She combines her role with digital comms planning as well, which is somewhat closer to what I do.

Although there are similarities in what we don’t today, our backgrounds very much differ. M was born in Yemen. Her mum is from Djibouti, and dad from Somalia. She can speak 5 languages, and has a Dutch passport. There is probably much more detail to where she has lived todate, but this is as much as I managed to digest!

As well as being a media professional, M is a writer. She has been in the UK for the past 9 years, spending 4 of those studying English post grad, and masters in Warrick University. She has already had a novel published, she told me it would dampen the mood if she told me about it, but I insisted. The book was about female circumcision. A topic not much discussed, and highly controversial in many countries. She is currently trying to find the time to complete the final 20,000 words of her second novel.

I was being particularly silly with jokes this evening. when we got to Winter Wonderland, I told her I had forgotten the burritos. She didn’t sound too impressed. I held a straight face for about 10 seconds and then we ordered some mulled wine with a shot of ammaretto for her and whiskey for me in one of the log cabins to wash down the burritos.

Fist we tried the ghost house ride, we both screamed. Then we had another mulled wine. I then persuaded M to go ice skating. She had not been before. After another drink for some dutch courage, we joined the 9pm slot. She fell immediately. I didn’t think we would be on the ice rink for long. I encouraged M to stay on. One of the assistants helped to teach her, and M admirable persisted. She was making progress despite an number of more falls, while insisting that she ‘was never doing this again’. I thought her attitude was great, as she laughed all the way through.

I really did think I was funny tonight, and continually mocked M for falling over, even did had impression of her falling backwards. Before we knew it the time was up, and as we left Hyde Park M told me that she wasn’t definitely going Ice Skating again.  We kissed on the way to a pub.  M kept on taking photos of me on her new blackberry, which she couldn’t use. She talked about the music she liked, and played me some dubstep dance music. I can’t remember what else we talked about in the pub. She was travelling towards Harrow so I said good bye to her at about 12 o clock. All in all, a really enjoyable date.


4 responses to “#35 m.

  1. Result. It sounds like this one has been very positive. Let’s hope date number 2 (if number 2 is on the cards) goes just as well. Good luck!

  2. She sounds AMAZING. Two novels, a degree and a career at 24? Wow.

  3. Glad you two had fun. Sounds like she could t

  4. Glad you two had fun. Sounds like she could teach you a
    thing or two about writing though. – Sorry for the double post. Hit
    enter accidentally.

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