#30 kelly m.

burrito date #30

There have been more burrito date requests lately, which got me thinking about what this was all about again, and what outcome burrito dates should have. I felt pressure to have a romantic outcome at the end, and began asking the girls questions via emails. One of the replies included the following ps.

“PS. Don’t feel pressured for there to be a romantic outcome – just have fun and enjoy meeting interesting people. Romance will come if it’s meant to be but isn’t it just good enough to have good time with no expectations other than a good burrito? Don’t let anyone else’s expectations taint the whole wonderful experience J”

Spot on I thought. So, instead of trying determining the purpose of 52 burrito dates, I decided to figure out why so many girls want to go for a burrito date and be written about. Kelly, date number 30, thinks that some girls reckon they are a good date and want to prove it, while others (like her) have been reading about all the girls but want to find out more about me. I didn’t think about it that way, but maybe revealing little about myself encourages girls to come on a date!?

This date was supposed to take place with Vicki, who forgot to tell me she had double booked the evening, and was going to a gig instead. Oh, and she has a boyfriend too. I tweeted about this, and Kelly greatfully stepped in her place.

For the first time I wasn’t able to finish my burrito, I hope it’s not a sign that I’m beginning to have my fill of them. We had planned to watch live music in the Lexington on Pentoville Rd., and walked there after our burrito.

Kelly is working with a design / corporate reporting company. She is only 21 and is doing a marketing and business degree in the evening time. Not the usual approach, but very sensible given all the current difficulties full time students are facing. She impressed me with her ambition, at one point she said ‘let’s set up an advertising agency’. I don’t think it was a entirely serious remark, but impressive none the less.

We caught two of the acts. The venue was upstairs in The Lexington. The place was full, and both acts were as diverse as they were brilliant. A soloist, who‘s name I didn’t catch, played a slew of instruments, finishing with a few strong songs with his violin. His voice and presence turned the buzzing room immediately silent. He was followed by a 4 piece group from Australia, Cloud Control.

Cloud ControlThe blurb on the gig listing described them as like Vampire Weekend and Clap Your hands Say Yeah, but I thought they were somewhere in between Florence and The Machine and ACDC. They introduced one of their songs by saying the last time they played it was in the back of a black cab, and the cabbie liked it so they hoped we would too. Kelly said it was great to see people really enjoying what they were doing.

Kelly is friends with number 29, and would have been forgiven for coming into this date with low expectations. However, it turned out to be a really fun date; the most fun I’ve had on a date in a while. I think it helped that we went to a good gig, and that we were both out to have a good time.  I had a great time with Kelly, but just wasn’t that into her.  And like the quote from the email I received above, having fun was enough.


5 responses to “#30 kelly m.

  1. Feel shorted that you didn’t finish your burrito…. I don’t think we can consider this a burrito date?!

  2. That’s so weird I just came on here to write something about Halley! I was going to say, why don’t you take someone [like Halley] who you obviously connected with for a 2nd burrito date?? Don’t feel like it has to be a different girl each time!

  3. Should definitely be a different girl each time, the point of 52 burrito dates! But that doesn’t mean he can’t see his dates again!

    Erm excuse me Fitz – i believe there were VERY strict rules about finishing burritos when I tried to cop out halfway through on the lions!!!!

  4. He did have a valid excuse! The meat that was put in his burrito didn’t look quite right, and after they served us they threw the rest of the tray out! Not sure why…. think he can be let off this one haha.

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