#29 abi t-c.

‘Have you met any complete weirdo’s?’, ‘Have you been on any disaster dates?’ I’m asked such questions all the time. Perhaps because people presume on average there should be some crap experiences with 29 different girls over a burrito. The question is usually applied about the girls; and it is taken for granted that my performance remains constant. However, I am susceptible to a shocker as well. And date number 29 was one such performance.

That the date arrangements were changed at the last minute was out of my hands. There was a tube strike in London this past Wednesday. Abi and I had agreed to meet in Angel; we had even found a comedy gig to go to afterwards. However, that evening Abi realised it wasn’t going to be possible for her to make it.

So, not wanting to miss a date-week and with no other day free, I improvised and suggested that I meet her, burritos in tow. I hopped on my bike in Shoreditch, swinging by Chilango on Fleet St, grabbing two burritos and meeting Abi in Golden Square, Soho.

Abi had mentioned that she was extremely indecisive, indeed she couldn’t choose between a pork and steak burrito I brought, which was another reason I changed the plan to make the date happen. It was a nice warm autumn evening, the gates were closed but we successfully climbed over the railings and had Golden Square to ourselves; peace and quiet in the midst of tube-strike-chaos in central London. So far, so good.

What proceeded was no more than a 20 minute date; in which I devoured my burrito in record time, contributed little, and made hints that I wanted to leave. Abi did most of the talking, didn’t eat much of her burrito, and realising that my mind was elsewhere, suggested we call it a night!

Usually I take an interest, try to find out what my date is passionate about and listen intently, and then engage in the conversation where I can. Stories are told, laughs are had. Not so on this occasion.

Why? I’m not sure. As you can see from the photo, Abi is a good looking girl. Maybe I had one eye on an early flight the next morning. Maybe I was being rude and preoccupied with myself. Maybe I took the date for granted and didn’t give Abi a fair chance. Maybe I didn’t find her interesting.

Abi is from London, but her family is from West Cork in Ireland, and she spent her summers there. Abi studied English in Oxford, and did a masters in Fashion in London. After a few years on internships she is now working with a weekly magazine, Closer. She describes herself as having a guy sense of humour, and tends to have more male friends than female.

We didn’t have a lot in common. Abi did most of the talking. Even our shared fondness of Ireland failed to spark any excitement. To be honest, I didn’t find her stories that great; however this doesn’t justify the short date and my lack of contribution to it. For this I apologise.

We met on twitter a couple of weeks ago and quickly organised a date without any firm basis. Over half way through 52 burrito dates, I am feeling pressure to find love at the end of this, or at the very least, to find a girlfriend. When new date requests come, I enter in more dialogue with the girls by asking them some questions. This gives both of us a chance to get to know each other, and hopefully increase the chance for a successful date.  I think this approach would have helped the date Abi. Lesson learned.


One response to “#29 abi t-c.

  1. “Over half way through 52 burrito dates, I am feeling pressure to find love at the end of this, or at the very least, to find a girlfriend.”

    Really? That’s a lot of pressure to put on the remaining dates, and a lot of pressure on you.

    If you don’t find a girlfriend in the remaining burrito dates, it’s gonna be a-ight, because now you have something very interesting to talk about with any ladies you meet post-burrito, and you have the added experience of speaking to different people. It could be that perhaps your future sweetheart is following this blog with interest, but is too shy to offer herself up for a public or semi-public burrito date.

    You never know. The world works in weird ways.

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