#28 gez w.

By burrito date number 28, you’d think that I’d be getting good at this dating game? You know, smooth with all the girls, knowing what to say when and having them rapped around my finger by the end of the date? Well, eh, that is definitely not the case.  Sure, I am way more at ease going on dates now. But I don’t think I am actually good at it!?

The latest date took place on Wednesday this week in Chilango, Angel. My date was Geraldine, or Gez. Gez is a friend of Claire’s and we had met before, first at the Nun Run back in May, and more recently at last week’s halfway party. We chatted as usual during the date, she is from Milton Keynes outside London and enjoys the peace and quiet there compared to London. She is REALLY into running – she recently did a 40 mile race – and she works for a web development agency called Fortune Cookie. Her other hobbies include photography and would like a slick SLR camera from this Christmas (Santa, if you happen to be a blog reader!?), with which she could wander around London and take close up pics of nature and interesting things.

…this is where I settle into the comfortable chatting zone, rather than flirting or acting as if I am on a date. Maybe I should up my game!? Or maybe I should just not think about it and stay going the way I am…

‘Have you noticed that there is loads of good TV on at the moment?’ That night alone we were missing The Apprentice, Mad Men and Gossip Girl, I said (not to mention live football), thinking she would be interested in at least one. To my surprise it wasn’t Gossip Girl and I immediately regreted admitting I watched!

Me: ‘How do you reckon you’d do on The Apprentice?’

Gez: ‘I’d get fired for being the person who stays quiet and in the background.’

Me: ‘Haha! Would you go on Big Brother?’

Gez: ‘I wouldn’t be picked to go on Big Brother because they wouldn’t find me interesting enough’.

Me: ‘Alright so, if you could go on any reality show, which one would it be?’

Gez:  ‘Hmmm probably the shows that are based on remote islands’,

Me: ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here?’

Gez: ‘Hell no, more Cast Away, I’d quite like that but it gets a bit competitive’

Gez is clearly confident in her ability but not attention-seeking, outrageously competitive or deluded!

Anyway, after the burrito we went to see some comedy at the King’s Head Theatre on Upper St. It’s a popular old pub with a really nice little theatre in the back. The act we went along to was called The Gentlemen of Leisure: An Hour of Too Much Culture. They are a stand-up duo, Nish Kumar and Tom Kennan and they performed a number of sketches throughout. We both liked it, some bits more than others. As a date I thought it went well, the comedy was a nice thing to do after the burrito.

Maybe it a sign that we could be friends, or maybe friends is a good start. I can’t make my mind up!


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