#27 – felicity c.

Burrito date number 27 was rather unusual. The date marked a 52 burrito dates halfway party as well an individual date with a journalist. Meaning my date and I were joined by the Chilango crew, some friends, some of the previous 26 ‘burrito babes’ and some guys who have been following the story of 52 burrito dates and wanted to meet them for their selves. With a number of things going on at once, the challenge of the evening was trying to make everything work together. I will endeavour to review the date first and foremost.

My date for the evening was with journalist/food-lover, Felicity Cloake. And  before I had the joy of hooking back up with all the beautiful Burrito Babes, Felicity and I had to get our hands dirty in the Chilango Kitchen.

Mr Chilango, aka Eric Partaker (one part of the Chilango team) kindly gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of how Chilango makes their burritos. My mum used to be in the restaurant business so I have some experience of what a commercial kitchen is like and was interested to see the procedures in place at Chilango. The kitchen is clean and organised with efficient cooking processes. Felicity and I were walked through the steps of making our own burrito. Eric was satisfied that both of us did a good job!

One of the things I like about Chilango is that’s its personality is evident throughout.  I’ve noticed this from talking to founders Eric , Dan and Shannon, to the lively service staff, including Sara and Peter, to the back story and restaurant design. Even Libby from the PR firm slotted right into Chilango family. This personality is equally evident in how the food itself is made. For example, the pork is cooked for 8 hours, the chicken and steak marinated in-house, and the guacamole made fresh twice a day.

Felicity is a freelance journalist for titles such as The Daily Mail, The Gaurdian and The Metro. She studied English in Uni and has a passion for writing. Felicity’s photographer from the Metro followed our every step. I was hungry and wanted to get stuck into the burrito, but we first had to pose for what seemed like for ever. The close up shots and fake smiles were a bit uncomfortable because we barely knew each other. We did our best to have a normal conversation amidst all of it. I think Felicity found the act of juggling work, eating, pleasure and getting her head around the 52 burrito date concept quiet difficult. However, she was very nice throughout and mixed well with all involved.

At 7pm the guests started to arrive.  Shannon, of the Chilango team, had gone to great work preparing the space,  and there were pictures of each of the 26 dates on the wall. She also had got these wicked ‘burrito babe’ t-shirts made for all the girls! The burritos and beer flowed, and music played until 10pm. I suppose the 52 Burrito Dates halfway party was an ‘event’ as opposed to a ‘celebration’, however the fun of 52 Burrito Dates combined with the jovial personality of Chilango, (people and place), made for a party atmosphere.

I was delighted to catch up with the girls who came along, and I realised that I need to make more of an effort to keep in touch more, but it is so difficult with the pressure of organising the upcoming dates as well. A date every week is harder to maintain than it seems, but with 26 dates had, I am more than looking forward to the next 26!

A friend of mine in Dublin, Des, has the most extraordinary command of the English Language of anyone I have ever met, and he has recently begun to kindly review drafts of these blog posts. When I sent this to him, one of the comments he made was: “I also want to hear more about the hotties themselves. And who do you fancy? We need to focking know, mate.” So, to answer Des’s wishes, here is a list of 7 single girls from the first 27 dates that I fancy, in order of date appearance

  • Nicola L. (8) – passionate about graphic design and art, sincere and stylish.
  • Halley C. (9) – the most fun I had on a date, great adventurous personality, extremely attractive, and easy to get on with too.
  • Laura M. (11) – Amazing natural fuzzy curly black hair, keen sense of style, quiet personality with dark intriguing eyes.
  • Emily E. (14) – interesting and interested; cultural and cute; sensible and smart.
  • Laura W. (16)– Stylist, attractive with unique style (loving her Yellow Ducks earrings) and great craic!
  • Rebekah K. (22) – another brunette (yes I do have a weakness for brunettes), loves art and London as much as I do.
  • Gillian N. (25) – Sexy belly dancer, thoughtful and polite.

Voting for the favourite burrito girl also came to an end (details of winner is and her chosen prize here).


7 responses to “#27 – felicity c.

  1. Still wearing the same shirt as on sunday in the church! No wonder your not getting anywhere!!

  2. ahem, mister fitz, I believe you spelled my name incorrectly 😛

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  4. What a concept, loving your work!!!

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