#26 Shel S.

As you can see in the picture above we had the burrito in Starbucks! We were going to Vibe Bar on Brick Lane and I was collecting the burritos and meeting Shel there. She was running late, so I waited for her by Starbucks on Old St roundabout. Brandwise, it seemed a good match for me: Chilango and Starbucks are two brands I have grown fond of since I moved to London. Coffee with Burrito though? I’m not so sure!

I felt like I knew Shel already. She is friends with Laura Whitmore and we only met briefly before, but Shel is really active on Facebook and Twitter. So it was good to meet properly. Judging by her social network personality, I was expecting Shel to be bubbly and lots of fun. She didn’t disappoint. It was like catching up with a friend. Shel had previously suggested we go on a date during international “Speak Like a Pirate” day, but we couldn’t make it possible. Instead, there was an Oxjam gig which my friends were playing (Butterflies on Strings) at so we went to that instead. Shel is Irish and the same age as me, which added to the familiarity of the evening.

It was upstairs in Vibe Bar, and there was a biggish crowd there to see the 4 bands, and a live art installation as well. It was also my flatmate Paul’s birthday. He came along, as did Rick. Ali came with her friend Maeve. My sister Annamay came with her friend Fodhla and Sinead too. Band members Steve and Hugh’s girlfriends Galia and Hannah were there as well, it was great to catch up with everyone – but I had to be careful to give enough attention to Shel. She is very friendly though, and got on well with everyone.

Shel works for an Irish-based start up called Story Ful. She is a curator of style-related news, and seems to like it and be really good at it too. On twitter she is called Shelby Shelly, because she likes Shelby Mustangs! She likes a lot of US-related things, and told me load of places to visit when I go to New York in a couple of weeks. Shel is planning to move there herself next year. Being Irish and living and working in London, she gets back to Dublin regularly to see all her cousins, she has 31 cousins all on her Father’s side alone! Such a big extended family means that every trip home is like a reunion and a cause for celebration, and maybe not the relaxing break London life often calls for!

Although it was loud and busy, I think we had enough time to chat for it to be a ‘date’, and I hope Shel enjoyed it. We stayed until the last band, then people started leaving. Romance? Nothing happened but I think I’ll let her and Laura fight over me!! (Hah, I wish!).

This is the 26th burrito date, in 26 weeks, we have the halfway party next Tuesday and I’m looking forward to catching up with all the girls again. This has been so much fun for me, and I can’t wait for a reunion with everyone! It’s also a chance for other guys to get involved, maybe some guys out there have been reading this blog and fancy a few of the burrito babes’, now is their chance to meet them, and try to succeed where I may have failed! Anyway, now that 26 dates have been and gone, I think I better vote for my favourite!

Vote for Shel!


6 responses to “#26 Shel S.

  1. I never thought a man, let alone a burrito, would come between me and my Whitmore 😉

  2. your lucky so shel, he aint no man!!!

  3. whats your 2nd date conversion rate?

    x out of 26 ??

  4. god she’s fit

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