Burrito Babes Halfway Party!

Hi all,

52 burrito dates is nearly half way through, the whole thing has been loads of fun so far! And as promised, the amazing crew at Chilango have agreed to let us have one HUGE burrito date: 26 guys + 26 girls, to mark the half-way point of 52 burrito dates.

The party is for the first 26 burrito babes! Thank you for coming along on a burrito date with me, it would be great to see you all again! If you have something that you would like to get off your chest, if you want to meet 26 other guys, or if even if you want another burrito (and plenty of other Mexican snacks and drinks)!? RSVP on Facebook!, it should be a bur itof a laugh (does that work? nah, didn’t think so).

There have been over 25,000 views of the blog, many of whom I’m guess are guys! So, to the male audience section of regular readers, if you would like to come along to the party and meet the beautiful burrito babes, leave a comment on this post before Friday the 15th October, and I’ll pick out names at random to come along.

The party is taking place on Tuesday 19th of October, I’ll get in touch with each of the dates individually with the details, but here are some of the things planned:

  • Burritos!
  • Beers and margarita’s!
  • Burrito Babe T-shirts for all the girls (above image not acurate)!
  • Chilango house DJ!
  • Announcing the winner of the ‘Favourite Burrito Date’ vote

I will also be on a date during the party with journalist Felicity Cloake, and she’ll be there to speak to all the burrito babes (I hope they don’t mind being called that!?) to get the dirt on me!

There will be a few date reviews posted between now and the party, and it will be reviewed here as a date. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see in the second half of 52 burrito dates, do leave a suggestion below. Or if you think of anyone who would like to go on a date, tell them to get in touch!



8 responses to “Burrito Babes Halfway Party!

  1. Commenting with free burrito hope in mind.

  2. Hey there Richard, this sounds like a cool idea for a party! Would love to come along and meet some cool girls and enjoy some supreme Chilango eats.

  3. Once your finished with the dates I want to see a 52 burrito babes deck of cards, and from them we can vote for the top 12 to be in the 52 burrito babes calendar!!

  4. That party sounds good, add me to the consideration list please!

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