#24 isolde r.

burrito date number 24

Isolde requested to go on a burrito date back in April, and it was only now that we got around to organising it. I asked her would she like to come along this Wednesday to go to a friend’s film screening afterwards. She was keen, but let me know that one minor detail had changed, she was now seeing someone! I know, not another one!

We met up in Chilango, I horsed down the steak burrito in record time, I’m definitely not getting sick of the burritos! Isolde was a bit slower eating hers. She broke it to me that she met this guy, who also works in marketing, about two months ago and that they were exclusive now, as in it is serious enough. Despite that, she admitted to being nervous and said we should still treat this as a real date.

Isolde grew up in Wexford, in Ireland, the county next to where I am from Waterford. She is a qualified graphic designer, and studied in Limerick and London. You can check out her work on her impressive design work on her blog. She is now working for a trends publication, but had short stints in HMV (where when on days she was pissed off, she would ask people for ID and refuse them a DVD!), and interestingly enough, with the design company who worked on the Chilango brand.

Isolde was full and began to play with her burrito, I know, how disrespectful 😉 she told me to take a photo, but I gotta stop taking photos of messy burritos cos  they don’t look as delicious as they are to eat. I think I am becoming addicted. Anyway, it was time to go.

We headed for the London Irish Centre in Camden where there was a screening of 10 short films. Rich Boland produced one of them, and acted in another. He has just set up a production company in Ireland called Fail Safe Films. Get in touch with him about producing, not acting – even I was a better actor than him in school!!

The short films were great. I think someone died or got hurt in all of them. But it was a great way to see lots of short movies. The movie Rich produced was called ‘The Euthanizer’, and was about a mean bloke who assisted depressed people with suicide. Grim. There were at least two movies about the theme of love, one being The Wonderful Story of Kelvin Kind which I really enjoyed. It’s about a guy, who fancies a girl, and all his efforts to meet her are thwarted until then end when she asked him for some change, and he is happy with that.

Back to the date, I hope Isolde had a good time. She is nice, and I thought we got on well, without either of our worlds being set alight. And I hope it works out with her guy. My search continues…

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One response to “#24 isolde r.

  1. Fitz you have to stop going on dates with birds that have boyfriends!! The blog is great & I love what your doing but give yourself a chance! There should be a strict screening process. Hot, single girls. 52 of them and you’d be laughing!

    Other than it’s great!! And I saw it was the inspiration for some chick’s blog to meet a man as well fair play that’s huge.

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