#23 – anonymous

while organising date number 23, we exchanged 22 emails over the course of 4 a weeks, it was only in her final email that she asked to remain anonymous:

“I’m still on for tomorrow though it’s come to my attention that you blog about each ‘date’ which is fine…only I’m rather private and really don’t like the idea of being written about.”

that was fine with me, but did she really go through all this organising and not know what she was letting herself in for? whatever the reason, i think the anonymity made for a better date. she was less worried about being slandered, and as she knew less about me it was more like we were at the same starting point. we agreed that i could include all the detail apart from her name and an eligible photo, and that she would be referred to as ‘number 23’.

there was definitely something different about this date – in a good way, but it’s hard to put my finger on it. we almost went to the fleet st chilango, but didn’t in the end because upper st ‘is more fun’. although, we spent all our time in chilango, and didn’t even go to a bar afterwards. number 23 is definitely the messiest burrito eater i have ever seen. it really was a disaster, a fork and burrito basket didn’t save it as the burrito went through the basket.

number 23 was born in canada and is working in PR in london. she will go to canada, vancover area next year when she turns 30. she likes to talk a lot, but she has lots to talk about which is good:

1. environment
number 23 is all about the environment, she spoke of the different events, protests etc that she has attended and spoke of lots of key figures, journalists who i didn’t know. she mentioned lots of interesting talks that were worth going to, i said that we could have gone to one tonight. she didn’t realise that the burrito dates were more than just burritos, and i was beginning to believe her that she had never read the blog.

2. photography
her ex boyfriend worked for martin parr. i said i liked his satirical stuff, especially how he cleverly shows the lives of the rich and famous not to be so luxurious and glamorous as is made out to be. she agreed that his work is funny but maybe is a bit too clever and doesn’t like the fact that she could be depicted in one of these photos when all she wants to do is get dressed up, feel good about herself, and enjoy a day at the races with her friends. it made for an interesting argument, and one we didn’t resolve. we also couldn’t come to agreement over internet privacy, obviously.

3. music
number 23 had an amazing long weekend recently, she went to a music festival, then rented a car with a guitarist friend and drove to cornwall. during the entire trip the two of them stopped of an many romantic spots, and at each her played his guitar to her. the trip was perfect except for the fact that he didn’t propose! she likes music, and musicians. her fave bands include mumford and sons, seasick steve. she refused to listen to kings of leon for years because of ex boyfriend liked them, she would even leave a bar when they came on. but having seen them live recently, she changed her mind.

so, i was out of my dept in the green conversation, enjoyed the knowledgeable photography debate, and found similar interests when discussing music. all in all, plenty to talk about, plenty to write about but anything more? i’m just not sure, maybe we should have gone for a few drinks. maybe we will…

vote for anonymous!


9 responses to “#23 – anonymous

  1. This date just turned sour… email from the anonymous dater-

    “He, just got back to the office and read this. Fair enough but the only reason I talked so much is because you were fairly quiet (couldn’t work out if you were quiet, dull, or still feeling delicate from your mishap earlier in the day…) and I didn’t suggest going on anywhere because I didn’t realise that was part of ‘the deal’, plus I offered to buy you a beer and you weren’t interested…(and I did kinda need to get back as I had a mate coming over to fix my bike!)

    I am being utterly truthful that I hadn’t read your blog – didn’t want to in case I realised that it had all been a terrible idea and my old line manager was just stitching me up! Sometimes it pays to be naïve?!

    there was definitely something different about this date – in a good way, but it’s hard to put my finger on it

    …really trying to understand what you’re getting at here. was it my special eating skills? Maybe it made you feel better about yourself because you could look on in scorn/smug pleasure at someone who hasn’t mastered the art of burrito eating having not devoured a burrito every week this year? Is that it?”

  2. Ouch.

    I vary nearly felt inclined to vote for her… That’s not happened before!

  3. Oh dear. I was quite liking her too. Issues!!

  4. In other news… are you going to do some kind of special extravaganza for #25 since it’s the half way point? Maybe take 3 girls out at once… or do a Twitter comp for the best Burrito Date slogan or something. Even both wearing sombreros would suffice [but I’m sure you can do better than that.]

  5. Jesus!!! Be careful out there!

  6. Drama queen springs to mind.

  7. She seems very thin skinned especially for someone who was granted anonymity. I can relate to shyness being misinterpreted. A friend once told me years later that my quietness and standoffishness at our first meeting had her thinking I was being snobby when the truth is that pretty girls make me really nervous. I imagine her impression of you and the date would have been completely different and more favorable had she actually read this blog.

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