#22 – rebekah k.

burrito date number 22 has a bit of a twist. i met rebekah a few weeks ago  (during date #17 in fact!), in order to persuade rebekah to appear on the blog i had to agree to certain conditions, one of which was to allow her to write the review, so here you go..

“Hello! My name is Rebekah, and I am a reluctant burrito dater. Don’t get me wrong; I love a good burrito as much as the next guy (in this particular case, Richard, who apparently can’t get enough burritos). However, the thought of going on a date that would be written about seemed quite daunting. Dating is a foreign concept to a recent university graduate such as myself, more specifically…blogged dating… blogged dating while eating BURRITOS. However, after much discussion and persuasion by way of Modest Mouse concert tickets, I finally agreed to be a ‘burrito babe’.

Let me begin by stating this was not your average burrito date. I was fortunate enough to go on a date with three burrito boys, Richard and his mates Steve and Hugh. Steve and Hugh decided to show up as twins, dressing in matching red flannel shirts, they made quite the cute couple if I do say so myself ;-).

In true burrito date form, we met at Chilango’s on Upper Street. I had a burrito with chicken, rice, lettuce, mild salsa, and guacamole, and I was quite impressed, very good! My three dates were great company. We mostly chatted about hosting a burrito-eating contest, which I think is a fantastic idea! How many burritos could one person eat in an hour- one? Ten? Twenty? I think this has the potential to turn into a very interesting competition. After the burritos, we made our way to the Troxy for (drum roll please) Modest Mouse!!

The concert was fantastic. I have been a Modest Mouse fan for quite some time, and seeing them live was quite a treat. Mexican AND live music in one night?! Epic. The venue was quite retro- my burrito men and I were sitting at a table at balcony level. Despite my initial desire to be standing/dancing down below, all three of my burrito men were quick to point out that there were many advantages to sitting at a concert; including being able to enjoy the music without the constant worry over losing your seat and not being able to see the band. (Hugh and Steve are in a band, so trust them- they are the experts). I did attempt to get at least one of my dates to dance on our table, however no one was adventurous enough (myself included). BUT Richard did mention he was great at Irish jigs…

After the concert we all made our way back home, however in my slightly tipsy state (I owe all three of my burrito men a drink or twelve) I did manage to get off at the wrong tube station (way to go, Rebekah) but I eventually made it all the way back home safely. And how would I say my burrito date went? Was it worth the hard time I gave Richard about being a ‘burrito babe’? I would have to say yes, the concert was fun and I really enjoyed my three dates’ company.  One thing I did not enjoy was how guarded I felt at times. Even though Richard is not a stranger and I’m the one writing the blog, a part of me was still nervous about going on a blogged burrito date. I definitely needed to take a bit of a chill pill, relax and enjoy the experience for what it was, free burritos, good company and fantastic music.”

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One response to “#22 – rebekah k.

  1. The opposing perspective, good grammar, spelling and punctuation are very refreshing 😉 What about keeping up with this feature? Write separate reviews and then post them both. Would be very interesting to read the hits and misses between both accounts.

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