#21 – rosie c.

burrito date number 21

rosie made for a very enjoyable burrito date number 21. she was really easy to get on with and i found her refreshingly intelligent. between the time rosie got in touch about a burrito date and now, she has started seeing  a guy, so it was clear from the beginning that nothing was going to happen between us.

we met at the chilango on upper st. on friday evening. rosie not only had never been to chilango, but wasn’t even sure what a burrito is. i don’t blame her, i wasn’t sure either before i won this prize. i think most of you know by now? rosie had a chicken, black beans, rice, and mild salsa – i went with chicken, black beans, rice, mild salsa, sourcream and guacumole. and they went down a treat.

rosie is from either near warick or near nothingham, she doesn’t like to say near coventry! she studied zoology in liverpool, and really liked it but staying in liverpool longer didn’t appeal to her. i didn’t delve into zoology at the time, and now i’m thinking i should have, might have discovered something worth writing about. instead we talked about teaching, because that’s what rosie did next.

to be honest, i had a pretty negative impression of teaching probably because i never got on two well with teachers, but rosie really changed my mind with her enthuasiam and passion – she was literally clenching her fists and pumping the air when talking about her upcoming first year as a primary school teacher. also i thought that all teaching methods are out of date and little is done to embrace new technologies, but that’s not the case at all. rosie surprised me with the amount of teaching theory there is out there, enough to start a blog dedicated to it roise thinks!

rosie had to prepare the classroom for the past few days but her assistant didn’t show up, so her older sister came down from near warick or nothingham (not coventry!) to help. we were going for a drink after our meal, and bumped into her sister, and just as i was saying hi, rosie noticed that something was up and asked her sis ‘are you pissed off’, ‘yes’ came the reply and she left. it was a bit awkward, but what can you do.

in the bar we chatted about the burrito dates, how they were going and what were the chances of having a burrito wedding at the end of it all, not a bad idea i thought – even a pretend burrito wedding could be fun if it’s serious with any of the burrito babes. it won’t be rosie though. she met her new fella at benicassim this year. i don’t know too much, other than he was on a stag there – what an awesome place to go for a stag! it’s pretty clear from her blog that’s it’s serious. ah well, it was still nice to meet her, and she genuinely opened up my opinion of the teaching industry.

after i wrote this post i noticed that rosie had blogged about our date first. basically her conclusion is that it wasn’t a date but that we enjoyed each others company, and for the reasons both rosie and i explained, i’d go along with that.

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6 responses to “#21 – rosie c.

  1. I had chicken!

  2. Also, I’m not sure I’ve ever been called “refreshingly intelligent” before, so thank you. I might put it on my CV…

  3. It’s bullshit that she has a fella and going on a date with you just for the experience. I’m sure there’s plenty of single girls out there who would have filled her spot. Please stop going on dates with girls who are previously engaged. It’s annoying me.

  4. I agree…you can be sound til the cows come home. But enough with the time wasters!

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