#20 – katie-louise h.

katie-louise contacted me while researching her thesis in advertising at high wycome when she came across my blog. no, she wasn’t asking for my input, just for a burrito! we had what was a very enjoyable, outgoing and adventurous date.

when it was time for our date she is back home in oxford getting some work experience with oxfam. katie suggested a cycle date. the plan for the date was an friday afternoon burrito on fleet st., and then a cycle to peckham. there is a deserted multi story car park in peckham, and on top of that is a unique cafe called franks – that was our destination.

this photo is of katie’s driving license, she had dread locks as a teenager when she was in a band. I liked how individualistic she came across. she likes travelling, but not all those photos of facebook of group of friends on there gap year that literally could be anywhere. she likes advertising work, but not the obnoxious egotistical side of it. she likes new york, but not the… no wait, she likes new york full stop.

the burritos went down a treat – it was actually the first burrito date on fleet st. I prefer the upper st. chilango, as it is bigger and angel is more fun than fleet st. in the evenings. katie had taken the train in from oxford, i would give me my bike, and i would cycle jd’s bike. jd works with digital marketing agency cybercom, and he lent me his bike (and yes, i do think that by linking to the cybercom website i am in a small way returning the favour). katie hadn’t rode a fixed gear bike before, so i though i would video her first go just in case she fell off, alas she didn’t (i know, how boring 😉 – here is the vid:

setting off for peckham we had a google maps connection fail and had to follow our noses. luckily we got there with out too much trouble. we only had a beer in franks so can’t comment on the food and the place was quiet, but it is a class setting and worth the trek to peckham alone (there is nothing else worth going to peckham for btw). there was an outdoor art installation on the car park roof as well..

the cycle back was a bit trickier – we were going a bit further up to oxford st and it was rush hour. by the end of it i really felt bad to have made katie cycle all the way, she wasn’t used to cycling in london, or on a guys fixie either, but she didn’t complain. i thought she deserved a drink so we went for a cocktail, thirsty after the cycle we both knocked them back. we went separately to meet friends for the rest of the evening, but all in all, i enjoyed the date and i hope katie did too.

vote for katie-louise!

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6 responses to “#20 – katie-louise h.

  1. You’re wrong about Peckham, open your eyes boy!

  2. I agree with her – I love Peckham! And love Frank’s. I’m amazed you didn’t take a photo of the view…

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  4. just read katie’s review of the date… you should meet her again. seem’s great! i’m going to vote for her.

  5. will fitz, you are some desperado

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