#19 – nizza s.

nizza samuelnizza, from aukland, new zealand, requested a burrito date like this…

“One of my concerned (& crazy!) friends forwarded me your website & twitter account a few months. Finally, I have decided to be brave and drop you a line.. In summary, I am a crazy chick hailing from NZ and loving the life here in the Big Smoke..so..”

that sort of thing happens quiet a bit, people who are happily settled in relationships set their friends up on a date, i’m not complaining (thank you ‘concerned’ friend)… we enjoyed our burritos in angel before getting the tube up to camden. the fringe festival is on, and we booked a random show called the Fantastic Reality of Frederick Goodge.

it was in a small theatre above a pub, and federick goodge was performing a one man show; part fantasy, part real life, which he had created about himself. there was some singing, joking and poetry and even the odd oscar wilde quote like this one; “put your talent into your work, but your genius into your life”.

we both found the performance creative, and a bit funny. nizza hadn’t been to comedy and enjoyed it. she is more of a gig person, she seems to spend all of her time and money going to see her favourite bands: foo fighters, kings of leon, florence and the machine, modest mouse. she is also a big fan of salsa dancing, and goes every wednesday. i got the impression she is pretty good at it.

we went for a drink afterwards, camden was a bit dead. monday isn’t a good night for a date, this was the second and they usually are a quiet and dry dates. nizza works for a web development agency on goodge st. we had an interesting chat about the places nizza has visited in south east aisa, in particular the charity work she did in cambodia. i asked her would she consider giving up london life to work their full time? no, she wouldn’t, because visiting as a charity worker and being there full time are two different things. their is a lot of corruption and you have to be careful, she thinks life is really tough there.

we also chatted about new zealand, nizza moved there with her family from india when she was 10. she has two sisters who like cheesy pop and r&b music, and gets back to see them at christmas. nizza doesn’t like rugby(!) but is considering renting out her house during the world cup in 2011. she didn’t have much else to say about NZ.

we first met at 7pm, and said good bye at 12am. it was a long burrito date, but
it’s difficult to recall all that we spoke about. we might see each other again, most likely at some concert. but in reality, the way the burrito dates are going, that is that.

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4 responses to “#19 – nizza s.

  1. Concerned Friend

    I can’t believe she finally went along! Love this blog. Keep it up.

  2. Concerned Friend #2

    R- And now Contestant No. 19 for your final question – “What would you do if you became Miss Burrito 2010?”
    N – ‘Set up a chain of Chilango’s all around SE Asia & World Peace!’

  3. Ich denke nicht, dass du überhaupt weißt worüber du redest

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