#18 emily w.a

#18 emily woolcombe adamswhen emily enquired about a burrito date back in april, she suggested we take the burrito up a tree. we didn’t quite make it up a tree. instead we went to vyner street. on the first thursday of every month, the art galleries on vnyer st., of which there are many (about 15 i think), open until late and people gather on the street and drink beer and wine.

firstly we met at chilango on upper st., emily hadn’t been before but did like burritos and had a chicken one. i went for a new addition to the menu, ‘the schroom burrito’! i did like it, but i really am a fan of these burritos so i might say that!

emily is from a farm in somerset, her mum is an amazingly creative florist. emily is quite stylish and i would think she is creative herself, but said she doesn’t make any art work. she has one brother who is studying engineering in cardiff. emily works with dare, one of the top full service digital agencies in london and she really likes it. she spoke at length at the importance of human qualities within advertising agencies, and mentioned some unpleasant previous internship experiences. it amazes me how many people in london do interships without pay, and how badly they are treated. from my own experience some agencies are great, but all of them should have do more to help an intern get a job, where ever it may be. many of the girls on the dates have had difficult experiences between graduating and their first jobs. emily woolcombe adamswith the opportunties the internet is presenting for the way we work, more and more people won’t tolerate being treated badly in the work place, they will take a stand and refuse to put up with it. luckily for emily, she recently received a promotion, and i hope it works out for the others who are have yet to be as fortunate.

vyner st. was buzzing, although we arrived lateish (around 9), emily went home first to grab her bike so that we could cycle there by the canal. we did get to see some impressive art. the best, an exhibition called ‘Une Femme est une femme’ (what ever that means 😉 by maria ader, i thought her portraits with this intro were a good fit for 52 burrito dates…maria ader

‘there is no ultimate way of defining oneself in a postmodern condition with multiplicity of narritives’

(i don’t think i even needed to put that sentence in italics, as it clearly isn’t my english and hopefully isn’t too highbrow for regular readers of this blog).

we spoke about the blog, and how it was going for me. emily wants to write a blog about a cracked tea pot and adventures in london. i hope she does. emily went on a date recently, when it was over the guy walked her to the bus stop and said, ‘i don’t think there is any chemistry between us’  – honesty she thought was great. when we cycled different directions at the end of the night, i didn’t say anything like that because we really did have a good date, and i think we will stay in touch.

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3 responses to “#18 emily w.a

  1. Ahhh… Emily likes Emily!!!!! Haha!

  2. Thank you!


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