#17 – orsi m.


orsi and i have been blogging on the same site but we never met, until last friday night. the best thing about burrito date number 17 is that it was the birthday burrito date. i turned 27 on tuesday, and orsi is 24 on monday. we had invited our friends to join us to celebrate our birthdays after the burrito date.

orsi’s friends were dj-ing. orsi loves music. it was her ambition to work in the music industry in london since she was 12. orsi was born in transvania in romania to hungarian parents. when she was 3 she moved to sweeden and then to london at 18. orsi, orignally urusla, considers her self hungarian and speaks a load of languages (but not irish, a consolation win for me). orsi works with a creative agency, and spends all her free time working on music. you can keep up to date with what she gets up to on her blog.

how was the date? orsi is really nice and friendly to talk to. she confessed to being a bit drunk when we met and she was smoking. it may be controversial, but to be honest, smoking is a big turn off. the first thing orsi said was that she didn’t like burritos, i said wtf? so she had a steak burrito. and liked it. half way through she didnt want to finish it, i joked ‘do you want to be THAT burrito date?’, so she eat up pretty quickly.

we rushed on to the old queens head, and late bar on essex rd. i liked it straight away. some of orsi’s friends were already there. she joined them, and i joined my friends when they arrived. we hardyly spoke to each other for the rest of the night. the funny thing about it is that it was what it was, a savage birthday. i thought orsi was cool, but as well as being too busy with our own friends, there wasn’t any real connection. a connection can be made over anything really, it is the most important thing on a first date, without a connection the date is going nowhere.

we really had a good night. my sister came with a friend, and some aussie guys we know were there, my flatmate rick was there, as were dexter as hugh, richie and ali arrived with work friends. we were the last to leave, eric, mr. chilago appeared at the end of the night, i think he spies on the dates!

i did meet someone else though who i hope to be able to share with you on a burrito date shortly…

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One response to “#17 – orsi m.

  1. Ahh! Suspense … Killing … ME!

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