#16 laura w.

this week you got to vote for your favourite burrito girl, and i also created a facebook page, allowing more people to get involved, any maybe make it less about me. i didn’t realize it would bring out the competitive side of girls, but if it means they go to extra lengths to impress me then i’m not complaining;-). date #16 is keen on extra votes…

it was the first irish date, and it was arranged by a mutual friend, finto (yeah i know, i owe you one). i was a bit nervous before this one. see, laura is a presenter on MTV. while i am getting better at these one on one situations with strangers (eh, dates), laura is a pro at interviews.  and that was enough to make me nervous. well, that and she is very good looking!

what is she like? modest, down to earth and darn right cool! despite her success, there wasn’t even a hint of arrogance, which i might have expected. i may have even detected nervousness from laura at the beginning, ah maybe not –  who am i trying to kid?!

laura is from bray in ireland. she studied journalism in dcu before being selected from thousands of applications to present on MTV. that led to a move to london about 2 years ago i think. she likes london, she lives a short distance from work which she cycles along a canal on a bike called betsy, and seems to have a lot of friends over here.

laura talks a lot… she told me about her work, the long hours, and the great trips all over the world. they even sent her to the philippines to interview some asian musician. she was at glastonbury and there was a club area that wouldn’t let her in because she hasn’t got a tattoo. but she has got a duck piercing on one of her ears.

laura has the iPhone 4, and we had a bit of an app off. her fave app is a talking car which repeats what she says. she has lots of twitter apps, you should follow her, the twitter handle is @thewhitmore. she has even joined a facebook group for the whitmore’s all over the world. weird? no, just a random thing i remembered from the date.

so how did it go? i actually skipped away from this date. you know when you meet people, that you feel good about yourself afterwards, without really knowing why!? no? i think laura is a bit like that, she is one cool chick!

vote for laura!


4 responses to “#16 laura w.

  1. App off?! nerds.

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  3. How cool! You should date her! Why doesn’t the video work?

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