#15 siany m.

the london eye

blogger siany suggested we go up the london eye for a burrito date. we met on a sunday afternoon, probably peek time for tourists visits. the view is awesome, but that’s what it is – a view. and usually views are works of nature, and not something that merlin entertainments can change £17.95 for. i did enjoy it though, and would recommend it. this is one big city, and being so high above it looking down is a distinct reminder of that.

when i worked with cybercom in dublin, we did created a similar panoramic view of dublin from the guinness storehouse – this one is free, and you don’t even have to leave your desk.

enough of the tourism stuff and shameless plugs and back to the date. i brought the burritos from upper st. siany was hungover, and only took one bite. it’s not really a burrito date, if your date doesn’t eat the burrito!?! after the flight was over, i was considering going to meet friends when siany suggested a beer. and as often is the case of these dates, the more interaction, the better the date becomes.

we went to a really nice pub called the kings arms near london bridge. siany hangover had miraculously disappeared and she told me all about her fascinating blog, domesticsluttery.com: “the home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do”.

by all accounts siany’s blog is one of the top uk blogs, and has plans to expand with an australian version on the horizon. two bloggers on a date. the harribo bears siany brought with her going down well with the beers. it was interesting to hear siany’s views on blogging, the difference between personal and professional blog and why a female version of 52 burrito dates wouldn’t work.

siany studied english in greenwich, and still lives there. she loves it, and is annoyed that greenwich park is going to be ruined by the 2012 olympics equestiarian events.

as the date went on, we were both catching up with friends and making plans for the world cup final. i will no doubt meet siany again, and i was grateful that she came for a burrito (even if the burrito was wasted, the date wasn’t). did we get on? yeah, in the end we did. did we like each other? there wasn’t much of a connection there, i was still thinking of number 14 to be honest.

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6 responses to “#15 siany m.

  1. Sap comment at the end!

  2. id have to agree with the one and only hank, no need to throw the last bit in-made me sick!!!

  3. Baaaaaaaaa……..

  4. still have the mop and bucket out after the last line, no shame!!

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