#14 emily e.

back in may emily was preparing to teach a class in colombia of all places, and was looking for inspiration on the bbc website when she came across 52 burrito dates.

we tweeted, then emailed and arranged to go for a burrito when she returned to the uk. we met first by chilango on fleet st. just to make a statement about the burritos: this is number 14, i invariably have the same each time: black beans, pork, mild salsa, guacamole and lettuce, and i’m not getting sick of them! emily took my recommendation that the pork was better than the steak.

and to make a general statement about the dates: i love them. they are such a release from work. why don’t all single people go on a date every week? use dating sites or whatever, why not?

enough of my new found dating wisdom (?!), i want to tell you about this date, in many ways the best one yet. emily found a salsa event at the scoop, an amphitheatre by the southbank. we stopped by tate modern to eat the burritos.

emily 23, from hertfordshire (or a commuter town outside london for all those who don’t have a clue where that is), studied french and spanish in leeds. after uni she wanted to work in a spanish speaking country and so she became a teacher in colombia, as you do. she also spent some time in chile and visited many other south american counties. she has an impressive grasp of different cultures.

on our way to salsa a friendly guy offered to take our photos with his camera, he took loads, and said he’d email them. maybe he will. that reminded emily of when she was a child model, from the ages of 6-10! (update: atul sent me some of the photos included)

one of her tatoo’s has a few meanings behind it (i hope my memory does it justice)

  1. she used to be in a band called ‘they call me snail’, the snail also always takes it’s home with it every where it goes
  2. sun sets, she loves sun sets
  3. an earth symbol, to do with the cycle nature of everything

the outdoor salsa dancing worked out really well, much to my surprise. it was clear that emily had learned a thing or two in columbia, and tried hopelessly to teach me a few steps. we danced away and had a great time. afterwards we went for a drink, and got on really well…

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7 responses to “#14 emily e.

  1. A swit swoo Richie!!
    Hope all is good in London town xx

  2. at last!! its only taken 14 but the boy has found love.. haha!

    thats it then is it? your giving up on us to head of to colombia to become a salsa dance teacher with your new love ? sound.

  3. the question everyone wants answered is if u had ur way with her? and how would u rate ur performance? ur brother normally performs quite well, his words not mine

  4. So the guy emailed you! Not that impressed with the photos… his artistic direction was obviously terrible. And the band was ‘They Call Me Snail’.

  5. No Neil that is not an appropriate question! You should instead consider whether Richard’s obvious adoration for my gorgeous daughter has been reciprocated first…..

  6. Oy! you were good and then did the terrible ColUMbia at the end. also the “of all places” like it were a mine under some terrible garbage patch is not helping the case. too good for you.

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