#12 hannah

burrito date number 12, and i haven’t met anyone that is ever likely to meet my mum…

…my friend gallia’s sister, electra, was showing her final year degree show at byam shaw school of art, and kindly invited me to come along, ‘why don’t you make a burrito date out of it?’, and so i did.

it was a really hot evening, i met hannah by archway tube, and had a bit of difficulty finding the place. our date didn’t start off well, not well at all. it was awkward, and the art didn’t help.

maybe i was expecting too much. i thought i would at least see a few original and inspiring ideas. most of it was crap. pretentious crap. electra, who’s installation was based on the theme of corruption in childhood, was a rare exception. in her installation, there was a clear message, the idea that material produced for children is much more corrupting that you would believe. (electra – sorry about the poor quality of photo).

we didn’t stay long, quickly making our way to chilango on upper st. a lot of these dates are the same: they start out a little weird, then both make a big effort to get on (because there is no other choice really) and then something magical happens, it ends up being a laugh.

hannah is from cambridge, or near it. she studied politics in edinburgh, she loves edinburgh. more so than london, which “would be fine if it was smaller, only one side of the river”. she works with a pr firm in london; despite liking the company she works for, she really doesn’t believe in the work that she does, in an industry that “takes itself too seriously”.

hannah blog’s anonymously, and it wasn’t until 6 or 7 emails did she reveal her real name. but despite this secrecy, she really likes to meet new people. which explains why, half way through the burrito she said she had met someone in the last few weeks. i found it a strange time to say so, it wasn’t as if the date was going amazing. hannah emailed after…

“got the feeling that you probably don’t share my ‘meeting new people always trumps being cancelled on’ theory, for which i apologise – in hindsight (which, somehow, is always 20/20!), should have given you the option!”

…i think she was keeping her options open by not being upfront beforehand. i wouldn’t have canceled, as have already gone on a date with a girl who has a boyfriend and would again if it was with someone with similar interests. like the art, the date was an enjoyable one off experience, just lacking a bit of clarity.

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7 responses to “#12 hannah

  1. prick-tease – what a bitch…

  2. bullshit!

  3. Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience

    • i know you’ve plucked that one out of your little phrase book without understanding what it means, but it actually makes some sense in this context. good advice!

  4. Those PR types. how can you know whether to trust them or not….

  5. I hate prick teases. This young one was grinding away in a night club the other night and when i went to top her she batted my hand away, I was disgusted

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