#7 jane r.

jane doesn’t have a twitter account (the first of the burrito dates so far btw), however her friend lauren does and this email followed:

richard meet jane, jane meet richard 🙂 jane loves burritos and richard has 52 to eat… so i think it may be a match made in heaven?

the burritos were the link. we exchanged emails and jane suggested we include columbia road flower market, her favourite place in london, on our date. columbia road transforms on a sunday morning to a bustling flower market. it’s  café’s, pubs, shops and galleries – often closed – come alive. you don’t need to be a flower market person to enjoy columbia road on a sunday. jane first started coming here a year ago, her housemates include a flower allowance in their monthly expenses. we met at 1pm, towards the end of the flower selling day, yet the market was buzzing, punters bidding for bargains as east london flower dealers auctioned everything from tulips, to rosemary to lemon trees.

burrito date 7 - jane russel

jane purchased flowers i can’t remember the name of (jane?), and we walked up to angel. she is from maine in the us, and has lived in boston and washiogton dc. she had a semester here and loved it so much she came back and now teaches a nursery school in south kensington. she struck me as a good nursery school teacher, and defended her job against those who dismiss it as babysitting. interestingly jane does see london as a place where she could bring up a family.

jane gets respect for messiest burrito eater so far, and also for her great attitude, it was like ‘i come here a lot, and burritos are messy things no matter how you eat them so just deal with it.’

i thought it was a nice idea for a date, but unfortunately that’s where our common ground ended. there seemed to be a difference in our interests  and outlooks, and there wasn’t a spark either. i don’t want to be brutal about it but it didn’t work. looking forward to the next few dates, and to a change of fortune…

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11 responses to “#7 jane r.

  1. Would have been a good date for you alright, your a big fan of the tulips!

  2. you shud get urself a nice “ten ta two” dolly and then bring her for a burrito.tis the only u wil get urself some ponying action

  3. Your idea’s lame, your writing’s painful, your punctuation sucks and you come across as a bit of a knob all round.

    • Hear, hear! Besides, Jane:

      1) is babe-a-licious!
      2) has a job that contributes to society.
      3) rocks a freestyle Burrito eating style!

  4. Scott you are lame.You are coming across as a total knob.Richard is trying his best in a shallow world.People like you make me sick if you have nothing nice to say shut up…

  5. Scott,

    I echo Brendo’s sentiments…

    Further, where’s your idea? This is one of the most original uses of social media whilst having fun I have come across.

    Such faceless useless comments are of no value. You come across as a complete knob (all round).

    • Awesome stuff Richie – LOVING Burrito Dates dude. I said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the few really original things I see anyone doing – fair play dude.

      @Scott &Rik – What do you do? Just wondering as you don’t give URLs, and I’d love to know who you are to be making such absolute sweeping statements. Ever done anything interesting or original yourself?

  6. Brendo, William: shut up. If you think this is “one of the most original uses of social media” you need to seriously expand your horizons. Or maybe just get out more and live a real life in the real world.

    Christian – so if I don’t have a URL, I am unoriginal an not interesting? Bless you. My statement wasn’t sweeping. It was considered and targeted. The guy’s lame. Fair play for letting my comment through the net though.

  7. Scott,

    Eager to hear other more original uses of social media you know of, would be great to expand my horizons.

    Don’t tell me to shut up again either… I don’t have a real life and spend whole life online…. and can send you a big bad virus.


  8. GREAT blog. Personally, I love the writing style, totally get it. You rock.

    Did you stand Scott up for a date? He’s a negative guy, best left alone.

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