#5 – jemma r.

the idea for date #5 was to take the burritos away and eat eat them by the southbank. we met at embankment tube station on friday evening, jemma had come form work (a market research firm near old st). i had emailed jemma her the menu… “have been studying the menu long and hard, i will go for: chicken burrito with black beans, medium salsa (mild wimp), sour cream and guac.”. we ate the burritos outside, they got messy (more so in my case).

jemma comes from rickmansworth near watford. she studied psychology in manchester. her friends were divided about whether she should come on the date… her verdict: ‘free food innit’. the conversation was trivial, weekend plans etc. we went towards the southbank centre to see if there was anything on, nothing appealed to us. it was looking like an early night. we  prolonged it by taking some photos.

we decided to go for a drink in what turned out the be the british film institute. we ended up going to see a documentary, ‘cameraman’, which was about a british cinema legend called jack cardiff.  going to the cinema isn’t something i thought would feature in the 52 dates, but it was either that or call it a night.

the documentary was inspiring. jack cardiff is regarded as one of the greatest cinematographers of all time. in 2001 he was awarded an honorary oscar. he died this time last year aged 95. his work was all about the camera and light, black and white and then onto the technicolor cameras. he describes his fascination with light, he learned by copying the paintings of the van gogh, vermeer and even turner. cardiff narrates most of the movie, and martin scorsese also narrates. what struck me was their passion for their industry and their resulting expertise. it made me double check, and wonder how much more i could know about my own line of work.

i appreciate it wasn’t for everyone, jemma said she found it interesting, i hope she did (jemma, do let me know what you thought in the comments below). i was impressed that she was keen on going to see the movie, and for watching it all. her interests veer more towards science related things and she finds the workings of the brain really interesting. she likes chick flicks and watches reruns of friends and scrubs.

jemma is genuinely a nice girl, but we just didn’t click. it wasn’t awkward or anything, it was pleasant. but who wants pleasant?! we probably won’t keep in touch, there just isn’t any reason to. the search continues…

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3 responses to “#5 – jemma r.

  1. Was your suggestion of a cinema trip before or after your date told you that cinema dates were the worst kind of date in existence?

  2. I saw your internet site via yahoo the other day and absolutely love it. Keep up the fantastic work.

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