#4 – sally o’d

while waiting outside chilango on upper st. i didn’t know who to look out for. i looked up sally’s twitter profile and noticed that she had blogged today, “… it’s happening – in one hour. i am burrito date #4. too late to pull out. what have i done? massive cold feet…”

fair enough, but will sally show up? she did. we spotted each other. the date started a bit akwardly. then we both seemed to relax and have fun. sally is from a small place 4 hours north of melbourne. she worked for 10 years in radio over there. but then decided to move to london and into web producing with sky 4 years ago, now she works with virgin media. we talked about sky, and murdoch. sally admires his son lachlan for getting away from the empire, doing his own thing and chilling on a beach in oz with his family. she says where i bold random bits on my blog is a bit like murdochs news of the world.

sally said she hadn’t had a burrito before, but was impressively tidy eating it as the photo indicates. “it’s because i have ocd“. she went for the chicken, pinto beans, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and hot salsa. i went for the pork, pinto beans, guacamole, lettuce and mild salsa.

sally o donoghue

sally came prepared with questions for me for a change, so i let her at it. she comes from a strong catholic family and wanted to know how catholic i was. we played confession. literally. i went first. “sorry sally for i have sinned, last sunday i dressed up as a nun and had fun with a lot of other nuns”.

nun run 2 may 2010

sally’s turn. dear, how long has it been since your last confession, “17 years father” dear me, that is a long time. “i used to to mutilate my sisters barbie dolls, by cutting their hair short and scratching them and giving them back to my sister rebranded as “car crash barbie”. shameful. off you go and say five ‘our fathers’ and apologise to your sister.

next question. whice of the three leaders would you ‘marry, kiss and avoid’? i let sally answer her own question. she would marry clegg, snog cameron with vomit in her mouth and avoid brown. am glad the election is tomorrow, maybe we can avoid this topic on the next date.

then we started talking about the 52 burrito dates, a “shitty romcom stamped all over it”. sally asked, when hollywood comes calling, how i intend splitting the royalties with the 52 girls? i wasn’t sure whether to answer it seriously, but i would probably just call up all the girls again and bring them on another date to see the movie!

who would play us in the movie she asked. sally suggested cillian murphy for me, and i suggested nicole kidman for her. take note hollywood.

with “shitty romcom” still ringing in my ears. sally went on to call this a “silly boy project”, and that i was set for a wold of pain when i meat ‘miss perfect’. i didn’t think so, but sally thought i was being naïve, she’s probably right. she then said that the girls on this date are having the last laugh. maybe they are.

vote for sally!


15 responses to “#4 – sally o’d

  1. Richard

    Its getting interesting !
    Can you give us a bit more background on each date in future? ie your selection reasons and how you set it up. ie Do you call or is it all twitter, DM, email etc. These birds are all keen to give it a go but then proceed to question and laugh at your “silly boy project”. I think they are the ones who really are desperately seeking….. !

    • hi gareth, i usually don’t have a lot to go on when selecting the dates, usually we exchange a few emails and fix a date. it’s hard to draw conclusions after 4 dates, but they are after something alright, maybe it’s just a free burrito!

  2. Thanks for the burrito coverage.

    Are you worried you’re going to tire of burritos before number 52?

  3. Well, she sounds like quite the charmer! Nothing wrong with a “silly boy project” Richard, you carry on – I’m thoroughly enjoying reading this blog.

  4. Sounds as if she gave you a bit of a run for your burrito.

  5. Hmm it does sound like she was a bit aggressive but she might just have been nervous?! I have a friend like that.

    Here’s a question [it may well have been asked before- if so, sorry]- what if you meet your ideal woman halfway through? If you meet someone you want to carry on seeing? Are you just putting things on pause til all 52 dates are up, or would you consider stopping? [please don’t. I think we’d all like to see how this pans out!]

  6. Apology not accepted about the Barbies…. I and they are scarred forever

  7. Fitz, time to get serious about this, you ll have to drop the line “you ve got beautiful eyes” during the next date. Time to bring out the big guns.

  8. She had “normal, cute guy” in her blog decribing the date, how much drink did you fill the poor girl with!! Loving this stuff though, keep it up.

  9. Fitzy

    I have a friend in the legal profession and when doing sumations in court the 2 legal teams have charity bets with each nominating a phrase to be included in the others sumation. These phrases are obviously rediculous like “hot hamster” etc The judges are well aware that this goes on but cant really do anything about it.

    Pehaps your followers could do something similar for you as a challenge for the next few dates? “Shaft” above has already hinted at something similar.

    I propose that at the next date you have to work in the following to conversation and then report on #5’s reaction :

    “Did I tell you about the time when I was a dolphin trainer at Seaworld in Florida?”

    Up for it?

    • The Goat – if that is your real name?!

      It’s a good idea, am going to throw it out there on twitter to see if it flies!

      The suggestions would probably need to be private though!

  10. The term “silly boy projects” remind me of Danny Wallace’s girlfriend in “Join Me”. I love that book. He kind of let the project take over his entire life, and his girlfriend eventually left him. However, he did get a Hollywood film from it. Maybe you are onto something?

  11. Sally O'Donoghue

    Well spotted, Dan! I loved that book, too… think it’s why I wanted to take part in this. Keep going, Rich, we all want to see how this story unfolds… 🙂

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