#2 – louise n. (part 2)

burrito date #2what if this was part of a scary movie where i entice girls by offering a burrito date, with the intention of murdering them – american psycho style?

the idea emerged during this date with louise. see, she likes sci-fi / thriller / scary movies. it’s one genre i haven’t given much time to really. but she made me think i was missing out, and gave me a list of movies i should watch. i intend to. this was a rescheduled date. unintentionally i was twenty minutes late. we met in chilango on upper st., and had a burrito and a beer. i had a steak burrito and louise had a chicken burrito.

louise is a couple of years younger than me, i think, and has started a new job with an integrated marketing agency.  we discussed the possibility of this being part of ‘the burrito killer’ scary movie. she said that my story line wasn’t convincing enough. she was probably right; i didn’t really think it through. maybe if i watch a few more of these suggested movies, i could be a real life ‘social media psycho’ and pull it of? maybe if louise gave me some pointers? ‘you should take prostitutes out, like patrick bateman, – less connections’. i said that i thought she was a prostitute, trying to be funny. i knew straight away that i had said the wrong thing. that was the end of the scary movie fantasy story.

change the subject. twitter question time… would you prefer to be one meter taller, or one meter shorter? ‘i’ve been really tall since i was 12, and it’s annoying (5ft 9”), so i would prefer to be a meter shorter.

cameron or clegg? ‘cameron’ why? Its just a historic choice, and I am from the countryside so everyone, pretty much votes Conservative.  we meant who do you fancy 😉

we went to a cocktail bar. i was beginning to regret not having anything special planned and then a jazz band suddenly started playing. great i thought. or not, louise hates jazz, something about a family guy episode! we moved away from the jazz, and this did feel like a real date. we did have a lengthy debate over whether dressing up as an avatar at a summer festival would be a good idea? agreed to disagree. we walked for a bit, the moon was full; louise recommended a book called ‘who made the moon’. then, we said good night.

there was a comment on a recent post about hearing what the girls think  about the date aswell, so i emailed louise and asked her what she thought…

“I thought the date went well (apart from being called a prostitute! ha ha) I think its mammoth task going on dates, I can’t wait until you get a reeeeally bad one, that will be a funny post I think.”

would everyone have been offended by being called a prostitute, even considering the context?


8 responses to “#2 – louise n. (part 2)

  1. ‘Prostitute’…you smooth talker you!

  2. You are some chancer. 2nd date and you are starting to take the piss out of the birds! It’ll all end in tears!

  3. I would rather be a prostitute than a Tory, to be frank!

  4. I like the sound of louise! Glad u gave her a second chance.

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  6. Been following since I heard you on FiveLive and ALREADY we have an incident of considerable humour. A prostitute! Absolutely brilliant.

    On to the next one. Hopefully not a Conservative. Don’t think they should be allowed to eat foreign food. Well, maybe the first few types that came to this country. Italian, Indian and Chinese they can eat. Anything else? Well, I think they’d cap it after those three.

    • haha cheers stweart, that’s up there with the funniest comments! will definitely investigate the political orientation of this weeks date before letting her eat the burrito 🙂

  7. Well at least if nothing else, by the end of 52 burrito dates you should be a veteran of dating 😉

    (A prostitute – on the first date?! Lol)

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