#3 – claire w.

claire works with a social media agency in london. claire loves running. perfect! one minor detail that emerged later – claire has a boyfriend…

…i thought, ‘so what, it might be cool to meet her anyway’. the idea of a running date crossed my mind. i asked my sister what she thought of it (helps having a girl to cross check important things like this!), and she said something like ‘you’re such a boy, most girls wouldn’t like to go for a run on a first date’! instead, i mentioned to claire that we could watch the london marathon on sunday?. her impressive response was along the lines of, ‘why don’t we go for a run on friday night, and have a burrito after, there is this nike running game, it’ll be fun!’. so a running date it was.

nike grid is a phonebox activated running game which takes place around the streets of london, where players compete to gain post code ‘crowns’. it kicked off at 8pm, and we were there ready and excited. we ran around the streets, coughing our way through the moving cars to the 3 special phone boxes in n1. with claire dialing our game code at each phone box in a panic, we managed to be the first to claim the crown! delighted with our result, with the fun running and the competitive edge, we then got to the serious part of the evening – the burrito!

claire at nike grid

we went straight to chilango, upper st. (n1), and had a burrito and a beer. claire had the chicken burrito, black beans, peppers, medium spicy salsa, guac & cheese. i went for the pork one, rice, black beans, peppers, mild salsa and guacamole. claire told me about her training to become a fitness instructor. we are both doing marathons later this year and will probably go on a few training runs together…

…i did have time to throw in two questions from the twittesphere…

would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse, or 50 horses the size of ducks? claire deliberated over this one for quiet some time, and in the end went with the 50 horses the size of ducks, ‘because i could just kick them’.

who would play you in the movie of their life? claire found this a tricky question, to help her, i suggested megan fox.. then she said she has been told she looks like rachel stevens, and it would have to be her. i always fancied rachel stevens, just saying.

of the many friday nights i have spent in bars and clubs, i have rarely met someone as nice as claire. and who would have thought that a run and a burrito date could have been such a laugh. they all won’t be like this i’m sure, now where was burrito date number 2?

vote for claire!


2 responses to “#3 – claire w.

  1. Shocking! Technically this wasn’t a date so running is still a no no no for a first date! From the sister!

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