#2 – louise n. (part 1)

this post was supposed to be #2 burrito date. but it didn’t happen, louise couldn’t make it, when i realised that i was being stood up (?), i was worried about not having a blog to post, not because being let down for a date at the last minute isn’t disappointing, but because of the following…

this blog is one week old. there has been one date. two blog posts. 2,618 page views. 100 new twitter followers. 4 blog mentions. an interview with a bbc radio show. over 40 girls and 1 guy interested in taking part, including a singer and tv presenter. there is no turning back now, there will definitely be another 51 weeks. there is no hiding place, i’ve no choice but to tell it as it happens.

the reason i asked louise to go on the 2nd burrito date, and why i believe her about being tied up with work, and why we have rescheduled for next week, is that her short email included: “i guess ill save my questions about why your doing it for when we meet!”, which i thought was a completely natural reaction (and don’t have an answer for). what do you think?

some of the other burrito requests have included some, eh, humorous lines…

  • “sorry i forgot to mention that i’m not single (i think that happens a few more times than my boyfriend would like!!)”
  • “actually – and this is going to sound a bit bonkers – i’m supposed to be reviewing this 3 day liquid diet that week for work and i think it might overlap (obv no burritos allowed).”
  • “i have to say the prospect of dabbling in a burrito in a tree, really did make me smile. i did see a lovely tree in hampstead the other day…”
  • “…i have visions of a secretary screening your emails – “she likes decent music, tick. she doesn’t like guacamole, scribble”… p.s. actually i love guacamole.”

the next three dates are a run + burrito date with claire on friday, louise (again) next tuesday, and an intriguing anonymous date with blogerella on saturday week. it’s weird in a good way to be able to spot an event i’d like to go to, and match it with an email from a stranger.

the dates are virtually blind so i’m going to treat every one as the most important, like a cup final 😉 it’s spring 2010, the rebirth of the year, and the real beginning of a new decade. i’m not sure where this is going, but i’m all in. 52 burrito dates, you have my total commitment!

vote for louise!


6 responses to “#2 – louise n. (part 1)

  1. A postponement isn’t too bad I suppose. I like the tree idea above, sounds ridiculous. 🙂

  2. Barry Stafford

    Who are the singer and tv presenter??

  3. burnt!

    can’t believe you are giving Louise another chance… she doesn’t deserve it and its not as if you don’t have any other offers!

  4. Hey buddy, let me know if there’s a copy of the interview available – would love to include it in my next blog post 🙂

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