#1 – jamie k.

to be truthful, i’d don’t exactly have a way with girls, in fact i’m pretty awful. especially with the ones that i like. i always say the wrong thing and make the same mistakes over and over. all my friends know this about me, and now everyone else knows it too. the thought of having to meet 52 different girls, and try to impress them – while sober – is an extremely daunting one.

it’s worth a shot though. i’m very new to london (moved over here from ireland in january) so it’ll be great to meet so many people, but i can’t exactly impress the girls with my knowledge of cool places to go, or with how many people i know. it’ll be fine though, the burrito’s are tasty and we can talk about the food and internet stuff, so all should be fine, right???

it really helped that the first date was with jamie (aka @photogirluk), not that we know each other, although we did bump into each other last week, but that jamie is so easy to get on with. we got on well straight away. there was someone else vying for attention though, jamie brought her dog along on the date. mcnulty (aka @mcnultypup – named after mcnulty on the wire by the way) is a cavalier king charles spaniel and is so cute, that if i fail to meet a girl doing this, the next thing i’ll try is getting myself a dog like that and taking it for walks around the park 😉

jamie and mcnulty

i’m learning that this type of mexican food is very popular with americans. jamie (from philadelphia) loves burritos. jamie is photo director for shortlist magazine, and showed me some awesome pics of pete doherty from shoots she directed. as well as that, she plays a lot of poker and is just starting to teach girls how to play – a good idea i think!

jamie ordered the pork based burrito with pinto beans, hot salsa and pico de gallo, no guacamole. i had the chicken one, pinto beans, mild salsa, cheese and guacamole. we were in the upper st., angel based chilango munching through the burritos in no time at all, and were enjoying our second margarita when we realised that burrito dates go by very fast. so with time running out, and fearing that i had nothing to write about, i asked my twitter followers to suggest a few questions for jamie…

q. is this the cheapest date you’ve ever been on? a. “no. i once walked out on a guy before we finished our first beer – he was weird and had a scabby head from swimming into the side of a pool!?”.

q. what colour underwear are you wearing? a. “white”.

q. when was the last time you woke up and said, ‘wait…that’s not my ceiling.’ a. “i have a puppy, i bring them to mine”.

q. what is your favourite lyric from a westlife song? a. “i’m an american i don’t know weslife songs”, me: what?! not good enough a. “ok i’ll promise i’ll look it up on the internet.

and that was that. jamie had to rush off to meet a colleague from the magazine she works for and burrito date number one was over. before it was over, we did agree to keep in touch and possibly have another burrito…

vote for jamie!


16 responses to “#1 – jamie k.

  1. As the other participant on the first burrito date, I can recommend that you take part. Richard was lovely and the burritos were good (although a little spicy for puppy). Help introduce him to London ladies…

  2. richard,

    can’t be a good omen if your date brought a dog on a date.

  3. @William perhaps she needed back up just…you know, just in case

  4. I bring puppy everywhere. She’s my sidekick.

  5. I love this idea Richard, what a great way to make the best of your burrito supply 🙂
    Hopefully you will meet lots of new friends along the way and maybe someone special too 😉

  6. xiona,

    I know this guy, not sure a little puppy would do it. recommend next date looks into one of these:

  7. As a long time friend of Fitzy’s I would like to whole heartedly endorse the first paragraph!

    This is just brilliant Fitzy. Burritos are a great food to start on too because they are so messy there is no room for self preservation! I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

    I wonder who suggested the Westlife question????? Loved your response btw.

  8. @reggie – cheers dude, yeah the westlife bit was obviously brendo – jamie found it very funny though!

  9. I wanna go on a burrito date!!!

  10. This is brilliant Richard! im sure all the lads are mad jealous that you are getting to go on 52 dates when they find it hard to get one!

  11. Donald houlihan

    Well Done Richard! only over there a few months and already doing interviews for the BBC. A certain Anne Doyle Missed her chance! Best of luck with it

  12. This will definitely make for entertaining reading Fitzy!

    Our Burrito eating Bridget Jones!

  13. Cracking stuff so far Fitzy, you should make some dates double efforts, two burrito’s but they have to bring a friend!

  14. Good stuff fitzy, this is going to be funny. I ve a few college friends over there that i might be able to sort something out, her name is kay!.Remember, as the scrip would say, if you see kay, you ll have to tell her that you love her.

  15. The O'Gealbhain

    Fitzy, this is great stuff. Keep it coming.

    If you’re short I am sure we can arrange a few introductions. Please don’t neglect to add the cringe-making comments that you have no doubt dropped over the course of the these dates.

  16. Can’t wait for more dates Fitzy! Great blog, excellent first post. Glad to see life in London is suiting you so well!

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